the Baller’s Almanac: September 30

Hal Uplinger was born on this day in 1929. A guard for Long Island, Uplinger played one season of professional basketball, but really made his mark as a producer for CBS. He made his niche in broadcasting music for humanitarian fundraising, most notably LIVE AID.

John Drew was born on this day in 1954, in Vredenburgh, Alabama. After a successful career at Gardner-Webb, Drew would play 11 seasons in the NBA before being banned for life due to his problems with cocaine.

With Artis Gilmore and Eddie Lee Wilkins, Drew is one of three Gardner-Webb players to appear in the NBA.

Other birthdays include: Chuck Gardner 1944 (Colorado), Red Robbins 1944 (Tennessee), Jerome Whitehead 1956 (Marquette), Mark Randall 1967 (Kansas), Eric Piatkowski 1970 (Nebraska), and Chris Wright 1988 (Dayton)

Musician of the day: Tom Petty, who gave someone the finger during American Girl at LIVE AID.