The fake Andrew Wiggins account goes commercial

Last week I began covering a story, which – at the time – seemed like nothing more than the case of a lonely douchebag who wanted to play Xbox with strangers. The douche in question was the creator of the fake Andrew Wiggins Twitter account (and presumably the creator of the fake Xavier Rathan-Mayes Twitter account which has sent been shut down).

I hadn't checked out his timeline in a couple of days, so I did so this evening, and lo and behold he's on to a new strategy. Yes, he's still generating followers by mass following random people himself, and then unfollowing those who don't follow him back. The fake account is up to 12,760 followers – so he's picked up about 500 more followers in the past 48 hours (and during the time I took to write this he went from following 4,033 people to following 5,017) . And yes, he's still letting people believe that he's the real Andrew Wiggins by retweeting things like this:

And this heart warming vignette:


But when I checked tonight, suddenly there's a new game in town. And it involves socks.

First, the picture on the account has changed:

You'll notice that it now includes a grey and black Fresh Swagg logo. Why? Because apparently the (fake) No. 1 high school player really enjoys their socks. I mean, he really enjoys them. He can't stop talking about them (*Note that he has since changed his username, as you can see from the picture above).






And apparently this love fest isn't only flowing in a single direction: