The fake Andrew Wiggins, an update

Last week I covered the fake Andrew Wiggins and Xavier Rathan-Mayes Twitter accounts, and this morning I'm checking in on them again to see what happened over the weekend. When I left off, Wiggins was just shy of 11,000 followers and was working hard to increase that number – mostly by following mass numbers of account, and then dropping them if they didn't follow him back. Right now he's following over 4,000 people.

My hunch (due to the nature of their usernames) was that the fake accounts for both people were set up by one person. Regardless, the Rathan-Mayes account was suspended over the weekend. The Wiggins account is still active, though he no longer seems to be trolling for followers. He's mostly just playing Xbox.

He did reach out to the real account of Shabazz Muhammad, who is now following him.

The real Andrew Wiggins account is at 16,013 followers. The fake Andrew Wiggins account is at 11,889.