The run: Arizona steals one from the Gators

Entering yesterday's matchup with Arizona, the Florida Gators hadn't trailed beyond the first five minutes in any game this season. And that same pattern held true – well, at least for the first 39:53. Now the Gators have played from behind for a grand total of one second half possession, and because of that they have a loss.

How did Arizona come back to win a game which seemed like it was over?

It began with the Gators up six, with the ball, with 1:01 left in the game. Mike Rosario was inbounding the ball, and Kenny Boynton (circled) had enough separation from his man that Rosario should have had an easy angle (arrow). But he waited too long and Arizona's Nick Johnson was able to get a hand on the ball.

Unfortunately for the Gators, Rosario's late pass wasn't the only mistake he made on the play. Showing great hustle he was able to attempt a save on the ball after it bounced around following Johnson's tip. But he committed the cardinal sin (circled) of throwing it underneath his opponent's basket rather than tossing it toward the Gators'. Arizona was able to get to the line (Patric Young's fourth foul), where Kevin Parrom made both free throws. Florida 64, Arizona 60.

The video:

On the inbounds following the free throws, the Gators used Erik Murphy as the inbounder, while the Wildcats countered with Solomon Hill defending the pass. The Gators weren't able to get the ball in, and used their second to last timeout in order to diagram a play.

The video:

Coming out of the timeout the Gators went back to Mike Rosario as the inbounder, and Coach Miller countered with freshman Brandon Ashley, who is a little bit longer.

Arizona was nearly able to force a five count, but instead they forced a more traditional turnover. It looks on film like Rosario (arrow) had a decent angle and that Scottie Wilbekin (circled) just didn't handle the pass. Note that Wilbekin was also playing with a broken finger.

The video:

On the inbounds play the Wildcats set up a simple isolation with Solomon Hill (circled) matched up with Will Yeguete (arrow).

Yeguete makes a poor defensive play by reaching for the ball at the expense of his balance and Hill goes right by him. He was able to get to the rim (circled) past Patric Young perhaps because Young was worried about his 5th foul. Mike Rosario had also dug down and was in position to make a play on the ball, but perhaps he was expecting Young to. Florida 64, Arizona 62.

On the inbounds Nick Johnson (circled) was able to pin Kenny Boynton against the sideline, largely because Mike Rosario (arrow) hadn't cleared out, and his man was there for the double team. Johnson was able to poke it away, and after a scramble Arizona was awarded the ball out of bounds.

Arizona used a pick-n-pop to get a matchup with Scottie Wilbekin guarding Solomon Hill. Hill briefly gave it up and used that moment to establish post position, only to have ball immediately returned (circled).

As Hill made his move, Patric Young was forced to step up and double, leaving Mike Rosario to either guard 6'10 Grant Jerrett, or to drift out and cover Kevin Parrom (arrow, above) who is a 42% 3-point shooter. Rosario got caught in no-man's land, and Hill was able to dump it to Jerrett, who went to the line and made one of two. Florida 64, Arizona 63.

The video:

Since Arizona only made one of two, they were forced to foul, sending senior Kenny Boynton to the line with 0:21 left. But it was only a one-and-one. Here's how the game ended: