Chris Street

20 years later: Chris Street honored at Iowa

Chris Street was Iowa. He was middle America. He was raised in Indianola to a working class family and did what all Iowa kids do – he shoveled snow, he played basketball. Only he was better than all the rest and ended up playing basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Every fanbase has favorite players. As a freshman that player was Chris Street. As a sophomore, Chris Street. As a junior he was just one of those rare players. He was the face of the program.

Then, 20 years ago today, on a snowy Iowa road, Street and his fiance collided with a snow plow and Street was gone.

Today, vs Wisconsin, Street will be honored. It's not like he hasn't been honored before – his No. 40 jersey was retired – but Street needs to be revisited now and again.

Here's what a local station put together: