@ Alternate Jerseys

Like most of America I tuned into the Gonzaga game and promptly wondered if I was watching Lithuanian basketball. It wasn't the prevalence of Euro-steps, 3-point shooting bigs, and hair product that made me think this – rather it was the uniforms.

Tinkering with uniforms has been a big trend of late. Nike and Under Armor have been battling for a couple years to come up with the uniforms most likely to be adopted by video games (or maybe vice versa).

The latest tinker comes from one of the least likely of places – Akron.

They're going full-on twitter handles on the front of jerseys something. Since this is Twitter, the Twitter handle story has to be full of errors. That's what makes Twitter so great, right? So while websites are writing about what Akron is going to do, Akron has already issued a clarification.

Despite several reports to the contrary, the Twitter handle will not appear on the backs of their jerseys, but rather will appear on the front of their shooting shirts.

To promote this they also provided several members of the media with their own personalized jerseys, which I'm guessing it what caused the confusion in the first place. Writers get to have Twitter handles on their jerseys – players don't.