Andrew Wiggins should sit out the season

It doesn't matter where Andrew Wiggins would have gone in this year's NBA draft. No. 1? No. 2? Who cares. Whatever contract he would have signed would have been an awful lot of money. Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 pick, signed a 4-year deal worth upwards of $23 million over four years. If not for collusion between the player's union and the NBA, then Wiggins may have been the first pick in the draft.

But the real money is the Andrew Wiggins brand. There's been such hype over him and his game, and he has a star personality, that it is inevitable that his endorsements will dwarf his first NBA contract.

Today it's been reported that Adidas might offer $180 million over 10 years. Of course, now, he's stuck playing at a place he doesn't want to be, and doing it for what to him should be peanuts. I'm sure he'll enjoy his one year in college, but be real – if he could be in the NBA he'd already be there. And I'll enjoy watching him. How he develops over the next five years is going to be a very intriguing story. It just so happens that the first of those years will take place in the Big 12 rather than in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

But with that much money at stake, it makes you wonder if he wouldn't have been better served spending the season working out with professional trainers in Toronto. The risk of a major injury playing college ball is real. With Adidas willing to throw that kind of money around, it's clear that Andrew Wiggins has absolutely nothing to gain by playing in college. It will be great for his coaches. It will be great for fans. But the best possible outcome for Wiggins is that the year passes without incident and he'll be able to get on with his life.