Anrio Adams to Ohio

Former Kansas Jayhawk Anrio Adams was thought to be transferring closer to his home state of Washington, but instead he is going a bit farther east and enrolling at Ohio University

Adams was pretty vocal during his time as a Jayhawk about being deserving of more playing time, but he only played 83 minutes the entire season, spread out over 24 games. Adams was a Top 100 guy from the 2012 recruiting class and showed some talent, especially on the defensive end, but shot just 40% from the field. His best game came in the Big 12 tournament against Texas Tech, scoring 11 points on 4-5 shooting in 5 minutes of mop up time.

Adams unfortunately created more waves for his tweets and saying he deserved more playing time and the like than he did for his play on the floor, but after sitting out the 2013-14 season Adams has a good shot at being the Bobcats' starting point guard. He has a lot of talent and athletic ability and has a good chance to be one of the better defenders in the MAC right away.

If the words of his old coach hold any weight, Adams should make quite an impression in Athens:

Anrio and I met about his future, both academically and athletically, and we believe it is in his best interest to look into potential opportunities that may exist closer to home. Anrio is a very talented kid. We’ve enjoyed him being here. He was a good teammate and I know frustration can set in when you don’t play a lot, but he kept a good attitude and we should all support him in whatever decision he makes. I know our staff is 100 percent in support of him doing what’s best for his life.