Blue Ribbon Yearbook releases pre-season top 25

If you've read my reviews of pre-season magazines, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of the Blue Ribbon Yearbook. There are 400 pages, with no full-page ads, no wasted space with needless photos (we have the internet, you know), and no fluffy pieces about coaches or "college basketball's best shooters." It's just detailed analysis of every team.

I've pre-ordered mine, and you can too.

As a teaser, today they dropped their preseason top 25 on Facebook. Now, if they'll just let me know when the pre-orders begin shipping so that I can meet my mailman every day as he's walking up my driveway.

1. Michigan State

2. Kentucky

3. Louisville

4. Duke

5. Arizona

6. Kansas

7. Florida

8. Syracuse

9. Michigan

10. North Carolina

11. Ohio State

12. Oklahoma State

13. Wichita State

14. Gonzaga

15. Connecticut

16. Marquette

17. Memphis

18. VCU

19. Notre Dame

20. Tennessee

21. Creighton

22. Baylor

23. Colorado

24. Iowa

25. New Mexico