Refs blow call in Colorado-Arizona game

In a very entertaining game, the Colorado Buffaloes went to Arizona and seemed to beat what was a previously undefeated team. Sabatino Chen completed an unreal career night with a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

But the refs (and this wasn't their first mistake of the night favoring Arizona) defied all logic by looking at the film and deciding that the shot wasn't good.

Here's the film:

And here are the still photos:

Here is another, with the shot clock on the front of the basket (the official one) at 0.1 and the one the side at 0.0. Also note, no red light around the backboard.

And here's the ref calling it good, meaning it would have to be overturned by video evidence:

Arizona went on to 'win' in overtime, keeping their perfect record.