Scottie Wilbekin

Does Scottie Wilbekin’s suspension open door for Kasey Hill?

Two players for Billy Donovan's Gators played more than 75% of the team's minutes last year: Kenny Boynton and Scottie Wilbekin. With Boynton gone, it was expected that Scottie Wilbekin would provide the senior leadership needed in a thin back court. But Wilbekin was just suspended, and it's not his first infraction. Last year, Wilbekin sat out the first two games while suspended.

For now, this is remaining in the "violation of team rules" catch-all category. It remains to be seen if any details will emerge, or if this is strictly an internal matter.

While this is certainly not the type of leadership you want out of an experienced senior, it does push the door further open for incoming 5* point guard Kasey Hill.

Wilbekin had at least 10 assists three times last year, and his assist rate was 5th in the SEC. Now Kasey Hill will automatically enter the program in the coaches good graces, and with his speed and ability to beat defenders off the dribble at will, he can now try to take Wilbekin's position. And while this has the potential to be very bad for Wilbekin, this is what happens at great programs. There are young guys out there, and they're talented. If Hill is hungry enough, he just might be able to move into the starting role as the team's point guard.

It's only June, so this is all speculation. But it's not a good start for Scottie Wilbekin's senior year.