Douchebags of Twitter: Pete Thamel

After Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered an awful and traumatic injury in their regional final game vs Duke, classless blogs raced to gif the injury so that they could cash in on the hits. Luckily, CBS, ESPN, SB Nation and many others made the decision not to show it. It's gruesome. If you really want to see it, you can find it on the internet.

Sports Illustrated – Pete Thamel to be precise – took a different path. With Ware still on the floor, with his teammates, coaches, opposing players and much of the crowd in tears, Thamel took the opportunity to try and draw hits to a story he wrote two years ago about recruiting violations surrounding Ware.

Typically in my Douchebags of Twitter features I point out all of the idiots on Twitter and the horrible things they tweet to student athletes. Today, however, it's the rational minds of Twitter showing Thamel the universal respect they have for his journalism.