Angel Rodriguez

Evaluating Angel Rodriguez to Miami

Miami's losses are staggering. They lost five seniors, PG Shane Larkin and a reserve freshman (Bishop Daniels). All told that adds up to 82% of their minutes.

Couple that with a stronger ACC and the Hurricanes might be epically bad. Like 1971-1985 bad.

Luckily, the program got a shot in the arm when K-State sophomore Angel Rodriguez pledged to the Canes today.

Can he play? Who cares – he's a warm body that played high major basketball, which makes him an instant starter.

But, in reality, he can play, and he's pretty much the perfect bridge from no leaders to new leaders.

This assumes he gets a waiver to play immediately, for which he'll be applying.

The diminutive point guard, who comes from Krop High School in Miami-Dade County, would immediately step in for Shane Larkin. He averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 assists for K-State. His 37.3 assist rate was 2nd best in the Big 12 (and would have led the ACC). He also generated a steal on 3.4% of opponent possessions, which would have tied Shane Larkin for the Miami lead. Just like Larkin, if you're a ballhandler and you don't see Rodriguez, pick up your dribble.

It might not be the worst thing if Rodriguez's waiver request is denied. Sure, that would make Miami extra terrible next season, but they're going to be bad with or without him. Having him in the system for a year would allow him to pick up the nuances of the offense, get stronger, and work on his 3-pt shot (just 34% as a sophomore).