Jordan Price

Evaluating Jordan Price to La Salle

La Salle has had recent success with Ramon Galloway (South Carolina) and Tyrone Garland (Virginia Tech)  transferring to the Explorers and reinventing their games. Now they're getting another transfer out of the south. This time it is from Auburn.

Jordan Price was the consensus No. 70 recruit in the 2012 class. He made waves early in his freshman season when he made 11-straight 3-pointers over a three game span. He came in with the reputation as a streaky shooter, but that was pushing it. In his other 24 games he made just 29%.

Price – at 6-5, 230 – has the size and athleticism of a high major shooting guard. The problem is that he's had a hard time finding his niche on the court. Despite being able to take smaller guards into the post, or to use his slashing ability to get to the basket, he settled into a role as a 3-point specialist. Over 61% of his shots were from beyond the arc. He only attempted 25 free throws for the year.

Price has a good handle, and can be used as a pressure valve against hassling defenses. But beyond that, his game just hasn't developed. He has the tools to be a plus defender, and once he figures out how to set up his perimeter game from the inside-out, he could be a steal for La Salle. The good news is that he has to sit out a season, so he'll get a year of practice as his game is refined.

The absolute floor for Price is as a valuable scorer whose length will cause problems on the perimeter. His ceiling is unknown at this point, but he has the tools to develop into someone who will earn a paycheck playing basketball for a long time.