Frank Haith still not in the clear

The Nevin Shapiro nonsense at Miami has been playing out for over a year and a half now. In that time the NCAA's buffoonery has been revealed, yet the case won't go away. The latest involves Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith as his plea to get his NCAA misconduct charges thrown out has been rejected.

Haith has been accused by the NCAA for failing to monitor, a serious charge most recently used against St. Mary's head coach Randy Bennett. And if we learned anything from the St. Mary's case, it's that the NCAA is completely unpredictable and will judge some programs much more harshly than others. For that reason alone it's impossible for Miami or Missouri fans to get too comfortable.

The specific charges against Haith state that he "failed to alert the Miami athletic department after imprisoned booster Nevin Shapiro threatened to claim he had paid a recruit unless Haith or assistant Hake Morton provided money to Shapiro. The NCAA also says Haith failed to ensure that Shapiro's claim lacked merit or disclose Morton's financial dealings with Shapiro, and gave money to Morton that he then provided to Shapiro."

Haith will meet with the Committee on Infractions next month at the NCAA Headquarters.

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