Game of the Night; Game of the Night – November 18

Belmont 83, North Carolina 80 (73 possessions)

Belmont shot 15-37 from three and North Carolina made just 22 of their 48 free throws as Belmont pulled off the upset, becoming the first non conference team to beat UNC at Chapel Hill in 8 years. JJ Mann scored a career high 28 points, including the game winning three pointer to give the Bruins an 81-80 lead with just 13 seconds left.

Beyond their sharpshooting beyond the arc, Belmont made 20 of their 22 free throws. North Carolina, despite rebounding half their misses, scored just 1.1 points per trip, a product of making just over half their twos and only making 2 of their 7 threes. Belmont committed 31 fouls compared to just 19 by the Tar Heels, and 9 Bruins finished the game with at least 3 fouls.

Southern Miss at North Dakota State

The Bison host Southern Miss in a matchup of contrasting styles. Southern Miss turns it over on over a fourth of their possessions, and forces opponents to turn it over on 26% of theirs. The Bison, meanwhile, are the opposite, turning it over on just 8.6% of their possessions, but only force their opponents to turn it over just 15% of the time. Senior Marshall Bjorklund has stepped it up even more, shooting 72% from two this year.

Southern Miss, meanwhile, has 0 players with a turnover rate under 10%. They do have one of the best offensive rebounders in the country in Daveon Boardingham, who has an offensive rebounding rate of 20.8%. Southern Miss also goes to the line more than all but 7 teams in the country, and they'll have to get there some more in order to beat the Bison, even at home.