Gone streaking: Which NCAA tournament streaks will continue in 2014?

Kansas Jayhawks – 24 years. Prediction: 97%

The Jayhawks lost every player off their roster who played more than half the team's minutes. And you know what? It won't matter. They are loaded. But with all the new faces you have to think there is at least a statistical chance that they'll pull a Kentucky.

Duke Blue Devils – 18 years. Prediction: LOCK*

Duke is once again the class of the ACC, even with Syracuse coming in. And this year they might even be able to play a bit of defense.

*lock, for the duration of this article, assumes no tragedies, no roster-wide high ankle sprains, no discovered scandals and no end-of-the-world Mayan prophesies coming true.

Michigan State – 16 years. Prediction: LOCK

Come March, the Spartans might be the best team in the nation. A great combination of talented veterans and even more talented youth.

Gonzaga Bulldogs – 15 years. Prediction: LOCK

The West Coast's best back court will keep the Zags from sweating on Selection Sunday.

Wisconsin Badgers – 15 years. Prediction: 75%

Replacing three starters won't be easy, but Bo Ryan has a group of guys who fit his system, and his system works.

Marquette Golden Eagles – 8 years. Prediction: 65%

Every year a handful of announcers describe that year as "Buzz Williams' greatest coaching job." If he's able to get a top-5 seed with this team, then I might join those announcers.

Louisville Cardinals – 7 years. Prediction: LOCK

About the only question for this team is whether or not they'll be a 1-seed.

Temple Owls – 6 years. Prediction: 10%

Fran Dunphy doesn't have many rebuilding years, but then again he doesn't have years where he graduates Khalif Wyatt, Scootie Randall, Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson, Jake O'Brien, and TJ DiLeo very often either.

Missouri Tigers – 5 years. Prediction: 65%

The Tigers lost a ton, but Transfer U has plenty of talent left on the roster.

Ohio State Buckeyes – 5 years. Prediction: LOCK

They might not be as good this year after losing Deshaun Thomas, but then again, they might. Regardless, they're in.

Syracuse Orange – 5 years. Prediction: LOCK

The zone goes to the ACC, the Orange go to the Dance.

Florida Gators – 4 years. Prediction: LOCK

The Gators have nearly entered Duke and Kansas mode. They lose a lot of talent because they have a lot of talent. Then they reload.

Georgetown Hoyas – 4 years. Prediction: 90%

Prior to Greg Whittington tearing his ACL, this team would have been a lock. If he's healthy and playing by January, go ahead and bump them back up.

Kansas State Wildcats – 4 years. Prediction: 50%

This has suddenly become a team led by Shane Southwell and Will Spradling. They're great role players, but Bruce Weber needs to find out who is going to carry the load. The good news is that he has a few options.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 4 years. Prediction: 70%

Jack Cooley departs and takes an awful lot of rebounding and toughness with him. But the Irish are left with some athleticism and a lot of talent on the wings.

San Diego State Aztecs – 4 years. Prediction: 20%

Are Xavier Thames and Winston Shephard ready to step up and fill the shoes of Jamaal Franklin and Chase Tapley? They don't need to be THAT good, but they need to be good enough.

UNLV Runnin' Rebels – 4 years. Prediction: 33%

The Rebs had four players who started more than 17 games, and three of them are gone. Quintrell Thomas also graduated, Mike Moser transferred, and who knows what Savon Goodman did, but he won't be playing basketball. A talented group of new faces is going to have to gel for Coach Rice.