Head of AAU power DC Assault charged in major drug case


According to the Statement of Facts released today by the Washington, DC District and Bankruptcy Court, Curtis Malone – the longtime head of the AAU power DC Assault – has been charged in a major drug case. Law enforcement used a CS-1 (cooperating source) to make controlled narcotics (heroin and cocaine) purchases beginning in August 2012. As a result of those buys, law inforcement received permission to wiretap Micah Bidgell, who was selling the drugs.

The tap identified Curtis Malone as Bidgell's supplier.

On January 28, 2013, law enforement recorded Malone and Bidgell setting the price of an upcoming sale: $42,000. This allowed law enforcement to begin monitoring Malone's communications. From this information they were able to track a man named Stephen Williams to Malone's house last Friday. When Williams left he was stopped by police and a kilo of cocaine was found in a bag taken from Malone's house. Immediately following the stop, Williams' mother contacted Malone and told him of the stop.

On Saturday search warrants were executed at both Williams' and Malone's homes. At Malone's house in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, police recovered one kilogram of cocaine, 100 grams of heroin, and a .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol. Malone was arrested later in the day.

This isn't Malone's first brush with trouble, but it will likely be his most serious.