Alabama West Georgia

Inside the boxscore: Alabama 65, West Georgia 64

1. The West Georgia Wolves are a Division II team which finished 9-18 last year, including 4-12 in their conference. This is not a team which should be challenging any Division I team, much lesss one epected to finish right behind Kentucky and Florida in the SEC. This is a bit alarming for the Crimson Tide who had an offseason where two players (Trevor Lacey and Moussa Gueye) leave the program, and another (Devonta Pollard) charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

2. West Georgia grabbed 22 offensive rebounds. Last year, Bama was 218th in the nation in defensive rebounding. It appears they still have some work to do.

3. Senior Trevor Releford kept Alabama in the game by making 11-12 free throws. He also had to make a pair just to send the game into overtime.

4. Alabama only had six assists on 20 made baskets (30% assist rate). In 2012-13 they generated an assist on 46.7% of their made baskets, which was 312th in the nation. Versus West Georgia, junior Rodney Cooper led the Tide with 3 assists, which would have tied a career high if this game counted. In 66 career games, he's had more than one assist 9 times.

5. Alabama won 65-64 in a 72 possession game. The 0.90 points per possession is lower than all but one of Alabama's out of conference games last season (0.88 vs Tulane).