Inside the boxscore: Louisville 82, Michigan 76

1. The game officially tipped at 9:23 EST (though it was more like 9:28). While I understand that CBS is looking to maximize its advertising revenue, these ridiculously late tip times always make me uneasy. First, the players aren't used to waiting that long to play a game. Second, kids, at least on the east coast, are going to bed. This is the biggest game of the year and the (potential) fans of tomorrow are completely ignored because they aren't yet old enough to buy shit.

2. Spike Albrecht, for at least a half, was a national sensation. The 5-11 freshman from Indiana made four 1st half 3s on his way to a career high 17 points. His previous high was 7 points, and he hadn't taken more than 4 shots in a game since the season opener.

3. Gorgui Dieng led Louisville with 6 assists. His previous high was 8, vs Syracuse on March, 16th. His next best game was also vs Syracuse, when he had 6 earlier in the season. Apparently he knows how to play out of the high post.

4. Luke Hancock turned this game into the Albrecht vs Hancock shootout we all expected. He made 5-5 3s, and matched his season high with 22 points. The George Mason transfer, who cut his list to Louisville and Michigan, made 11-19 3s (58%) during the tournament.

5. This was an 82-76 shootout, in just 64 possessions. Michigan hadn't given up more points per possession since a loss to Indiana over two years ago. The 1.19 points per possession given up by the Louisville defense was the most scored on them all season.