Inside the boxscore: Ohio State 78, Iowa State 75

1. Iowa State turned the ball over 16 times in a 67 possession game. Their 24% turnover rate was almost 3X what it was in their opponer against Notre Dame when they turned it over on 9% of their possessions.

2. Aaron Craft scored 18 points on just 10 shots, and added 6 assists and 2 steals. He'll be best remembered though for benefiting from the blown blocking call by Karl Hess which took a basket away from Iowa State. That would have given the Cyclones a 3-pt lead with an and-1 coming from the line. This occurred with 1:41 left on the clock and Ohio State scored the final four points of the game.

3. Ohio State had just 3 offensive rebounds, which accounted for 11.1% of their own misses. It was the Buckeyes lowest OR% since a loss to Iowa in January, 2006.

4. Ohio State won 78-75. Their defense allowed Iowa State to score 1.12 points per possession, which was the 4th highest against OSU this season.

5. Iowa State failed to score a single fast break point.