New scheduling philosophy has backfired on Boston College

We've all been on the edge of our seats watching Boston College basketball, right?

Hello? Anyone? Was it something I said?

Okay, so BC doesn't exactly have the greatest fanbase. Yes, their own bloggers completely ignore the basketball games in order to tweet about hockey (why aren't they kicked out of the conference for this? Seriously). But the Eagles were supposed to be good this year. They were supposed to have rebuilt the program in a Steve Donahue mold. They were supposed to prove that you can take a bunch of guys with mid-major athleticism (not looking at you Olivier Hanlan or Eddie Odio) and win through execution.

It began well with what could have been a signature win at Providence. But that game slipped away in overtime. Then they lost in the Boston Garden to UMass. Last night they lost to Toledo. Those are all solid teams, and that's the key. This is part of Steve Donahue's newfound approach to scheduling. RPI is the bees knees when it comes to the NCAA tournament, and it is horribly flawed and easy to manipulate, so let's manipulate it. That demands a tough schedule.

The problem is, you have to win. And so far, BC isn't doing that. Their offense (execution!) has been borderline elite, and is currently the 19th most efficient unit in the nation. Their defense (why is that other team so big and fast?!) has been awful, checking in at 206th.

Luckily, they have several challenging games left in their out-of-conference schedule (UConn, Harvard, VCU, Purdue). Now they just to win them.