Sign of success: FGCU gets a Twitter imposter

You may have heard of Florida Gulf Coast University. I haven't looked at Google, though I'm guessing that several variations on their name is pretty large in keyword searches the past few days. So it's only natural – this is 2013 after all – that fake Twitter comes a knocking.

And sure enough, the FGCU Eagles basketball team just got an "official" Twitter account. Nevermind that they already have an official Twitter account (which you should follow, by the way).

Most of the time this would just be a case of some lonely kid wanting a voice and latching on to whatever is popular so that people will give him attention.

But again, this is 2013. And 2013 is all about socks.

A few months ago I was swept up in the fake Andrew Wiggins nonsense. It turned out that a kid at a small midwestern college had created an account, claiming to be Wiggins, only so that he could help sell ugly socks.

Well, now it turns out that the fake Florida Gulf Coast account really likes ugly socks as well.

So if  you've been looking for horrible looking socks and fake FGCU news, you're in luck. Or – if you're a company that sells socks and didn't know that it was a felony to impersonate someone for profit – then I hope you clicked this link when it passed by on your timeline.