Brad Stevens

Some Crazy Person Is Compiling Every College Basketball Team’s Schedule On One Spreadsheet

If you are a big basketball fan like me, odds are you want to keep tabs on more than just the Duke-North Carolina or Michigan-Michigan State or fill in the rivalry of your choice here. If you're also like me, you might plan your cold winter nights around which college hoops games to watch on TV.

To make figuring out what night the big Lafayette-Lehigh game or Weber State-Montana game is, reddit user itsbraille has compiled a giant spreadsheet with every game of every Division 1 team on it (those of whom have released their full schedules, that is). He (or she) even has filled in dates for the Battle 4 Atlantis and will be filling in the Preseason NIT bracket and all of the smaller events as well.

To see this fantastic spreadsheet, just click here and use the tabs at the bottom to navigate among the conferences. For TV details just click the school's name, which is hyperlinked, and you'll be taken to their schedule page.

I have friends who write down the games they want to watch for the week on a piece of paper, and while this might take away the feeling of accomplishment, it will certainly mean a lot less work as well. So let's all raise a glass of our favorite drink for reddit user itsbraille, today's hero of the day.