Staying put: coaches whose jobs are older than their players

One of the longest tenured coaches in the game is one most casual fans have never heard of. Bob Hurley has been the head coach at St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City, New Jersey since 1972. He has ex players who could be in their 60s now. He's also been at his position longer than any current college coach.

Jim Boeheim has been at his current job since 1976, which is the longest in Division I. Mike Krzyzewski is next, having been hired by Duke in 1980.

This made we wonder which college coaches have been at their jobs since before any of their current players were born.

In addition to Boeheim and K, Greg Kampe (Oakland), Rick Byrd (Belmont), and Fang Mitchell (Coppin State) have all been at their jobs since the mid-80s.

After that it gets tricky. Some schools list birthdays and some do not. Dave Boots was hired at South Dakota 25 years and 2 months ago, so it's possible – though very unlikely – that one of his players could be older.

Presbyterian head coach Gregg Nippert was hired over 24 years ago before any of his current players were born. Bob McKillop at Davidson had a senior (Nik Cochran) who had been born about a year before he was hired, but Cochran is gone now and McKillop's tenure is once again older than anyone on his roster.

Dave Loos – 22 years and 11 months at Austin Peay – qualifies. And the final coach is Ron Cottrell, who has been at Houston Baptist since a month before his oldest player (Aaron Asp) was born.