Step 1: Run over people in parking lot. Step 2: Transfer

If you don't remember Zay Jackson, perhaps you'll remember his story: in October 2012 a Murray State basketball player finished loading up his car after a shopping trip at Walmart. Like most Walmart shoppers, he was too lazy to push his shopping cart back to where they're supposed to go. Instead of just leaving it next to his car, however, he should shoved it off randomly into the universe, where it rammed into another vehicle. As the basketball player was leaving the parking lot the occupants of the other vehicle confronted him, and so he ran them over. And it was all caught on tape.

That's Zay Jackson.

After 49 days in jail, head coach Steve Prohm allowed him back on the team. Unfortunately for all involved (excpet the guys who got run over) Jackson blew out his knee and hasn't played since. Now he's looking for a "fresh start" and will be leaving the program.

It will be interesting to see where he lands.