Vitale Week 17 2013

The Vitale Cup: Ask and ye shall receive, CBS

I'm one of those people who lose my house keys when they're in my pocket, or cannot find my wallet because it's exactly where it is supposed to be, so it's only natural that the site I read more than any other is the one I forgot to add to this contest. Luckily, CBS asked in their Wakeup Call where they might rank in the Vitale Cup.

And hey, I'm here to please. So CBS has been added, as has Midwest Sports Fans.

The teams in and out of the AP Poll this week were as follows: VCU (out), Colorado State (out), St. Louis (in), and Lousiana Tech (in). Since zero of the sixteen participants had Colorado State or Louisiana Tech, that change had no impact. VCU and St. Louis did have an impact as half the field had VCU and four polls included St. Louis.

As a reminder, this is a contest to see who had the worst pre-season top 25 prediction. Points are awarded for each correct team predicted in the pre-season. Additional points are awarded for accuracy. Points are subtracted for incorrect predictions, and further damage is done on teams who are not only out of the poll, but also out of the "also recieving votes" category. The worst score wins the Vitale Cup.

Here are the standings through week 17, and everyone should tip their cap to Team Rankings who will definitely not be walking away with this year's cup. Dick Vitale made a good move down, and is now ahead of six participants.

Jon Rothstein 2
NBC Sports 4
Mike DeCourcy 6
CBS Sports 6
Sheridan Hoops 7
Midwest Sports Fans 8
Dick Vitale 9
Yahoo! 9
b/r 11
Run the Floor 11
Rush the Court 12
SB Nation 13
Sports Illustrated 16
Blue Ribbon 17
Team Rankings 29