The Wiggins Reporter gains nearly 6,000 Twitter followers overnight

Everyone in basketball has been waiting for Andrew Wiggins to announce his college destination. Yesterday, the news finally dropped that the announcment was coming on Tuesday.

A few details emerged about the announcement as well. It's happening at St. Joseph's Catholic High School in West Virginia. His parents will be there. And television cameras will not be there. This will just be a celebration with friends, family, and classmates.

The other interesting note is that a local reporter will be allowed to attend. Grant Traylor is a sports reporter at the local paper, who – until the announcement was made – was currently focused on the Marshall University softball team.

Now he has exclusive access to the biggest recruiting story in recent memory.

When word leaked, Traylor had just over 1,900 Twitter followers. When he woke up this morning that number was 7,608 and counting.