Deshaun Thomas draft

Will Deshaun Thomas extend nation’s longest NBA draft streak?

In six consecutive drafts an Ohio State Buckeye has taken the stage as an NBA draft pick. Kentucky has the next longest streak with five, and then Connecticut, Florida State, and Washington are all at four.

Ohio State's best chance of making it seven straight is Deshaun Thomas, who was an early entry into this draft. If you believe in mock drafts than Thomas has about a 50% chance of being picked.

Having a streak like this takes talented players, but it also involves a little bit of luck. Basketball rosters are small enough that there are years when very few players graduate, and all it takes is one year to break a streak. Still, trivia like this is good for recruiting.

A better way of looking at talent is to look at overall picks. I'll get more into lottery picks and high end talent later in the week, but for now here are the overall picks for the past decade. Ohio State, despite their current streak, is actually far down the list. Kentucky – who have had 15 players drafted in the past three years – leads the way with 19. Kansas and UNC each have 16.

The surprising team is Nevada, with six picks in ten years. Other surprises are teams who are not on this list, such as Louisville and Indiana.