Bubbles And Brackets: Thursday Afternoon

Over the next few days, Run The Floor will give you periodic bubble and bracket updates. We'll wrap up each day late at night, we'll set up each day in the morning, and we'll toss in an update in the late-afternoon space between the day sessions and night sessions at the conference tournaments.

Here's the late-afternoon bubble-and-bracket update on Thursday, with Arkansas in progress and California about to take the court against Colorado. Commentary, for the sake of brevity, will be reserved for the night wraps and the morning scene-setters.

Bubble updates are self-explanatory. Bracket updates refer to any important seeding or bracketing developments to watch for as a result of certain game outcomes.

Here we go:



Providence stays alive and must make the final, probably needing to win the whole tournament.

St. John's is pretty much out barring a miracle. 


Villanova is out of the race for a No. 1 seed.



Florida State stays alive and must beat Virginia tomorrow.

Pittsburgh avoids a bad loss and can feel safe if it beats North Carolina tomorrow.



SMU is very likely a double-digit seed after its loss to Houston.

Louisville, by playing Houston and not SMU in the semifinals, might be limited in its ability to climb an extra seed line.



With Ohio State beating Purdue, Nebraska avoids having to play an RPI/resume-killing game against Purdue. Hypothetically, a loss to Purdue would have done a lot of damage to the Huskers. Nebraska benefits from having to play Ohio State and can feel fully safe with a win tomorrow.



Utah is out of consideration.



Missouri stays alive and must beat Florida tomorrow. The Tigers will probably need to make the SEC final to be in the conversation on Selection Sunday.



Dayton avoids a bad loss and can feel fully safe if it beats Saint Joseph's tomorrow.

BIG 12


Kansas, given the injury to Joel Embiid, probably avoided falling off the 2 line with this win over Oklahoma State. A win over Iowa State tomorrow would ensure a 2 seed at worst.



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