Connecticut Extends Head Coach Kevin Ollie

There was a lot of interest from NBA teams coming towards Kevin Ollie, but he will supposedly spurn them all, signing a $3 million per year extension to stay at UConn (via Woj). Ollie led UConn to the national title in just his second season at the school, and did a great job last year keeping the players engaged when they had nothing to play for due to a postseason ban.

Ollie has gotten a lot of NBA traction over the last few months because of his long career as an NBA roleplayer, and there were reports of how much Kevin Durant loved playing with him. Add in the reports that he wanted more money than Steve Kerr, and an NBA move looked to be in the offing, but it turned out to be a negotiation ploy to get more money from Connecticut.

Although, as a Thunder fan, I find it to be quite the coincidence that Ollie signed his extension shortly after OKC made the conference final, seemingly saving Scott Brooks’s job.