Fran McCaffery Blows Up In Loss To Wisconsin

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery has had his fair share of blow ups in the past, but he may have (OK, definitely) taken it too far in this one. McCaffery bumped an official in the Iowa-Wisconsin game tonight, causing him to get tossed, as well as most likely prompting a suspension. You can see video of the incident at Hawk Central.

McCaffery was angry with the refs about a call on Junior center Gabriel Olaseni and then went after the Wisconsin fans a bit before finally making it off the court. 

It wasn't the first time McCaffery has gone nuts in a game. He famously got tossed from last year's Michigan State game after breaking a chair upon receiving a technical. McCaffery's wife has also gotten some ink for being vocal about officiating.

On the flipside, while it's easy to argue that McCaffery went too far, this analysis is a bit too overreaching:

I guess I get the point Seth is trying to make, but I think he misses the mark. Sure McCaffery should restrain himself, but he should do that so he doesn't get suspended or allow Wisconsin to have the possibility of a five point possession, not for any kind of "protect the kids" type stuff. How do fat football coaches tell their kids they have to be tough and eat healthy and work hard and all that if they're fat slobs? Because if the kid doesn't follow the coach's instructions, the kid won't play. How do kids respect the coach when they have to play for free but the coach gets paid millions of dollars? How does a coach get poor grades in school and then tell his players they need to keep their grades up? And blah blah blah. There is a separation between coaches and players for a reason. McCaffery's outburst was stupid because it helped Wisconsin come back, not because of any "losing his players' respect" mumbo jumbo.