NCAA tournament in Haiku – West Region

The best part of the NCAA tournament is, of course, all of the goofy things you can do with it. Over at Rock Chalk Talk I have been coming up with sometimes funny, sometimes informative, (sometimes neither) haiku for each NCAA tournament team (Inspired by Inside College Hockey). The tradition continues this year with every team in the field, except I’m going to exclude the play in game participants. Clearly that is the harshest penalty for having to play in Dayton. We begin out West, which for some reason is in the Northeast part of the bracket:

1. Arizona

Ranked First in KenPom

Known most for their great defense

But watch out for dunks

16. Weber State

Wildcats best known for

Alum Damian Lillard.

They’ll shoot tons of threes

8. Gonzaga

Zags shooting lights out

X Factor might be Stockton

David, not this one.

9. Oklahoma State

Flop flop flop flop flop

Flop flop flop flop flop flop flop

Flop flop flop flop flop

5. Oklahoma

Sugar Bowl Champions

Can play some roundball as well

Thanks to Lon Kruger

12. North Dakota State

Won the Summit League

But they’re still the second best

Team in their own state

4. San Diego State

Aztecs can D up.

But who on their team can score?

Sub-100 O

13. New Mexico State

Bhullar hopes that he

Can turn Spokane, Washington

Into Sim City.

6. Baylor

Bears in a pattern:

Elite 8, then no tourney

Trend says Elite 8.

11. Nebraska

Wait, Nebraska hoops?

Tim Miles has Lincoln hoops mad

Go #Nebrasketball

3. Creighton

It’s McDermott’s World

We are just living in it.

Including Buffett.

14. Louisiana-Lafayette

More interesting:

Cajuns having first rounder

Or that great nickname?

7. Oregon

Hate tournament courts

Except when they save us from

Playing on this court.

10. BYU

Cougs can’t play Sunday

Even if they played Friday

Won’t be an issue

2. Wisconsin

Wisconsin stays close

Allowing fans to drive to

B1G Hockey Tourney

15. American

America’s team?

Nicknamed Eagles, and champs of

The Patriot League