Breaking Down Baylor

On Tuesday night, Baylor picked up arguably the best road win of the college basketball season, a two-point triumph over Kansas State at the Ocatagon of Doom.  Up to that point, people had been skeptical that the Bears could truly be considered an elite team.  Maybe it was last year’s late-season collapse.  Maybe it has […]

Big Ten by the Numbers

I realize that doing anything related to logic and numbers in a league with 12 teams named the Big Ten seems counterintuitive, but I’m not going to let that stop me.  Here are some interesting numbers I found for each of the league’s 12 squads.  And unlike the contrast between the conference’s name and its […]

Making Sense of Kansas State

Over the last few weeks, Kansas State climbed into the Top 25 and amassed an 11-1 record before losing at Kansas last night.  Their best wins have come on the road against Virginia Tech, on a semi-neutral floor against Alabama, and in Hawaii against Long Beach State to win the Diamond Head Classic.  Their loss […]

Making Sense of Louisville

Despite the fact that conference play has started in most leagues and we now have at least a dozen games upon which to evaluate each team, there are still some squads I can’t get a great read on.  Over the coming weeks, my plan is to take a closer look at these teams in an […]

Breaking Down the Mountain West Contenders

A few weeks ago I looked at the contenders in the Missouri Valley, and now it’s time to do the same for the Mountain West.  Following the departures of BYU and Utah and the addition of Boise State, the MWC has just eight teams.  There’s no way the top of the league will rival last […]

Statistics also don’t have anything nice to say about the Pac-12

By pretty much any measure, the Pac-12 is a sham, and any number of people have written about how poor the league is this year and how few tournament bids it should get. With that as backdrop, this may seem like piling on.  But while it’s easy to point to the league’s mediocre 80-52 non-conference […]

Big Ten Power Rankings

With six teams in the Top 25 and the best winning percentage of any league, I think we can all agree the Big Ten is the best conference in the country.  And just in case we can’t, Pomeroy has them atop his rankings as well. And if even that isn’t enough, maybe this will help. Since […]

Breaking Down the Missouri Valley Contenders

The Missouri Valley is typically one of the toughest “mid-major” conferences in the country, and if the first month of the season is any indication, this year should be no exception.  At this point, it appears to be a three-team race with Creighton, Wichita State, and a somewhat surprising Northern Iowa squad vying for the […]

If loving Marquette is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Since I have noticed myself developing a serious man crush on Marquette over the past couple weeks, I thought I would take a closer look at their advanced metrics to either validate my feelings or tell me I should stop sitting outside of Buzz Williams’ house at night. On the offensive end, the Golden Eagles […]

Big Ten Power Rankings

With the young season now a month old, things are starting to take shape in the Big Ten.  While Ohio State has done nothing to suggest they aren’t still a heavy favorite to with the conference title, there have definitely been some surprises amongst the teams behind the Buckeyes.  In case you (or a managing […]

Diagnosing Dysfunction: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Villanova

It’s relatively easy to pick out teams who aren’t playing well.  The signs are obvious, like losing at home to Presbyterian.  Or wearing a jersey that says UCLA.  You get the idea. But ultimately the question is why are the teams playing poorly, and that’s what I intend to find out through this series.  In […]

Why the Big Ten Is Going to Win the ACC/Big Ten Challenge

My first inclination when writing this was to simply post Ken Pomeroy’s tweet from Sunday night where he claimed “The ACC basically has no chance” and move on.  I mean, who am I to argue with that considering the source?   But after Michael’s journey through absurdity where he besmirched Pomeroy’s win probabilities, the state […]

Ten Big Ten Numbers to Know

I love Big Ten basketball.  There, I said it.  While the league has endured more than its fair share of ridicule and scorn over the past few years from those who aren’t enamored with the style of play, it’s what I grew up on and what I still follow religiously today.  I’m sure each of you has a […]

College Basketball Enigmas

Every program has one.  A player who fans simply can’t figure out.  A guy who flashes talent one game and gets shut out the next.  I’m not going to try and play armchair psychologist here, but in many cases a closer look at the numbers can provide additional insight into some of college basketball’s enigmas. […]