Bracket Gods shine down on the Gators, again

Browsing your bracket (assuming you haven't burned it already) you may have noticed that the Florida Gators drew a double-digit seed in the third round second round of the NCAA tournament. That might feel familiar, and if it does, it's because it is.

The Gators began the 2006 tourney as a 3-seed, and played the obligatory 14-seed in the opener. Across from them, UW-Milwaukee, an 11-seed, knocked off Oklahoma, leaving the Gators to start with back-to-back double-digit seeds. But their dream bracket was just getting started. They avoided the No. 2 seed in the Sweet 16 and instead were matched up with the 7-seed. It wasn't until the Elite 8 where they had to beat a higher rated seed.

Then they drew yet another 11-seed in the Final Four, before facing off against 2-seed UCLA for the Title.

In 2007 they avoided the 2-seed and 4-seed in their bracket, but were so much better than every other college team that it didn't matter.

The Gators missed the tournament for two straight years after their Titles, and then were knocked out in the first round in 2010. In 2011, as a 2-seed, they marched into the Elite Eight and avoided the 1 and 4 seeds. Instead they drew No. 8 Butler (and lost).

Last year they were back at it, drawing a 15-seed in the second round. Then, again, they avoided the 1-seed in the Elite 8, but lost anyway to No. 4 Louisville.

This year, they're up against 11-seed Minnesota in the 2nd round. Which makes it three of their past six tourneys where they've faced a double-digit seed in the 2nd round.