MWC 2013

Mountain West Power Rankings: the most exciting conference in the nation

Continuing with the power rankings, here's a look at the Mountain West Conference. Last year's version of the Mountain West had New Mexico and San Diego State finish 10-4, while UNLV was a game back. This year it looks like there might even be more congestion at the top.

For our power rankings, we start with the offense. If you are unclear why we use points per possession, then read the first three paragraphs of the ACC Power Rankings.

These numbers are adjusted for the strength of opponents.


Colorado State has the closest thing to an elite offense. Currently, they're No. 17 nationally. Then there's a grouping from Boise State to San Diego State which rank between No. 29 and No. 73. Nevada is just above average (the dashed line) while Fresno State has a terrible offense, and they're ranked No. 239.

What about defense?

Defensively there is a bit more of a stepping stone pattern. The Aztecs have the top rated defense (No. 19), while the next three are all top 50. Air Force, meanwhile, can't stop anyone and are wasting a very good offense.

How does this become a power ranking? It’s simple – we just look to efficiency margins. Offense minus defense. If you are a good team you score more than your opponent, right? How much more is the question. Here's the chart:

Look at the group at the top! There has been almost no separation between San Diego State, Colorado State, and UNLV, while Wyoming, Boise State and New Mexico loom right behind. If this holds true, this conference is going to be unbelievably fun to watch on a nightly basis. At least when Fresno State and Nevada aren't playing one another.