Preseason Officially Cancelled, Larsen Going to Finland

A few news points to catch up on from this past week.

First off, the rest of the NHL preseason was officially cancelled. The last preseason game was to be played on Oct. 8, three days before the start of the regular season. With just two weeks left until the start of the regular season, it’s a foregone conclusion that a hefty number of games this year are going to be cancelled. Negotiations (pseudo-negotiations?) are still ongoing between the NHL and NHLPA but an agreement is far from done.

Amidst the lockout, players have been traveling to Europe to play hockey and the Stars finally had someone besides Jaromir Jagr go overseas. Philip Larsen, surprisingly, decided to sign with a Finnish team, Rauman Lukko. It’s an unexpected signing, especially considering that Rauman Lukko signed two other Danish players, but it’s good for Dallas to get some more guys overseas to play some hockey. Loui Eriksson should be the next guy to go over.