Despite cancellation, ‘Battle Creek’ manages to wrap up storylines, give fans satisfying finale

It’s a pity that CBS’ Battle Creek was cancelled after just one season, as the Vince Gilligan/David Shore-created show had created some refreshing and fascinating twists on the typical police procedural and had the potential to be great for years. Sadly, the May 8 news of its cancellation wasn’t all that unexpected, given the show’s less-than-stellar ratings (especially in the coveted key […]


‘Halt and Catch Fire’ perfect for ‘Mad Men’ fans seeking next workplace drama

If the countless reviews, recaps and retrospectives haven’t made it clear yet, television’s “Golden Age” officially ended May 17 with the final episode of Mad Men, leaving a monster hole in our DVRs. With hundreds of cable shows that sit in the comfortable zone between “decent” to “good,” it’s near impossible to find the great […]


‘Tomorrowland’ is hopeful and fun, better than critics are saying

Going into Tomorrowland, I wasn’t expecting to like it, given negative early reviews and a 49 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But I also wondered if the negative buzz came from so much anticipation for Brad Bird’s new film, yet without much known about it, that perhaps critics and writers developed a preconceived idea of the […]


Watch: ‘Hannibal’ season 3 trailer opens door to ‘Red Dragon’

Had Hannibal not been renewed by NBC for a third season (though another network may well have picked the show up), season two could have been a suitable series finale in which the bad guy gets away. No, that probably wouldn’t have been satisfying for the presumed main character of the show, profiler Will Graham (played […]


Saying Good-Bye To David Letterman

It’s 1 a.m., just after David Letterman said his final good-bye to television some 33 years after he began his run on the late-night talk show circuit and sadness is prevalent. I’m most definitely a Generation X member, someone who was a child when Letterman’s star was shining the brightest, when he was on after […]


‘SNL’ Recap: The One Where I Recap The Whole Season

Saturday Night Live just finished its 40th season on television. It is the longest running variety show in American history, and the touchstone by which almost every American sketch comedy show is now measured. After a less than stellar 39th season, a lot of pressure was placed upon Lorne Michaels, the cast, and the writers […]


New features, mods make PC release of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ definitive version

It has been about 18 months since I first got my hands on Grand Theft Auto V, a game that may or may not have been the most enjoyable and detailed experience I have ever viewed. That was on my Playstation 3, a console that is slowly being phased out due to age. Eventually, I […]


The Meaning of ‘Mad Men': Why This Show Will Endure

What follows is less a television critique than a personal expression of what Mad Men has meant to me and others. It’s partly an appreciation of this show, whose first-run existence is now over, but it’s more an attempt to explain why this show can continue to be such a meaningful vehicle for conveying important […]


A conversation about Harry Shearer and his best ‘Simpsons’ moments

Last week, Harry Shearer announced that he will not be returning to The Simpsons after being with the show since its premiere in 1989. Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabapple) passed away last year and the show hasn’t returned to the character since. However, despite the extensive list of iconic characters voiced by Shearer, the show will move […]


‘Pitch Perfect 2′ isn’t perfect, but it’s an enjoyable sequel

Aca-holy shit. The acapella comedy Pitch Perfect 2 was a huge success this weekend, grossing more than $70 million at the North American box office in its first week, beating out the mega-budgeted Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s a huge, but not unexpected number. The first Pitch Perfect was a box-office surprise, and gained an even bigger following when it […]


Amy Schumer Tour Stops In Oklahoma, Fourth Cheapest Show Of The Month

Amy Schumer’s meteoric rise in the world of comedy and television because of her blend of honesty and unapologetic sense of humor had her hosting primetime events such as the 2015 MTV Music Awards. See her unabashed comedy style when Inside Amy Schumer’s Back Door Tour touches down in Oklahoma on Saturday, May 23 at […]