Five Movies That Will Make You Laugh… And Scream

Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story and Glee, recently unveiled some of the details for his latest creation, Scream Queens. This female-led, anthology series for Fox is set to premiere next fall, and according to Murphy will launch a whole new genre, “comedy-horror.” Wait. What? Anyone who likes horror, or comedy, knows that the […]


Marvel announces ‘Phase Three’ slate of nine films through 2019

Marvel Studios continues its quest to take over the geek and superhero movie world. Perhaps in response to Warner Bros. announcing nine DC Comics projects through 2020 — including its Justice League franchise and a Wonder Woman film — a couple of weeks ago, Marvel held an event on Tuesday in California, inviting fans and movie […]

Jim Carrey and Iggy Azalea Bumper Photos

‘SNL’ Recap: Third Time’s the Charm for Jim Carrey

It may not be that much of a surprise that Jim Carrey, hosting for the third time, helped Saturday Night Live to easily its best episode of this young season. It’s been 20 years since Carrey starred in Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber, but he’s still one of the funniest actors in […]


‘Fury’ is one of the best movies of the year

“You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business,” Brad Pitt said as Lt. Aldo Raine in 2009′s Inglourious Basterds. “And cousin, business is a-boomin’.” This also apparently applies to Pitt’s acting career, as he’s back in the killin’ Nazi business, this time as Sgt. Don Collier in David Ayer’s […]


Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter and the trolls came out in droves

Monica Lewinsky spoke today at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. In preparation, she joined Twitter with one simple tweet: Her purpose now is to speak out against cyber bullying. She is, perhaps, the first known victim of it, an intern who suffered world-wide humiliation and has literally not been seen or heard from […]


Why Won’t Adam Sandler Host ‘SNL’?

Saturday Night Live has a history of welcoming back former cast members as hosts. Since 1978 — when Chevy Chase became the first cast member to host — 32 former SNL cast members have returned, with Bill Hader the latest addition. This season alone, three of the first five episodes will be hosted by former cast […]


‘Doctor Strange’ Casting Rumors: A Timeline

Earlier this week, Variety published a shortlist of actors for the titular role in the upcoming Doctor Strange film from Marvel Studios. While the film is not scheduled to be released until 2016, casting rumors have been milling around for almost three years, or two years before the movie was officially announced by Marvel. At this […]


Marvel keeps anticipation for ‘Daredevil’ high by withholding details

This comic book geek is ridiculously excited about Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series, Daredevil. Batman and Spider-Man were largely my favorites as a kid (especially if you look at how much those two occupy my old comic book collection), but I’d always been fascinated by the blind superhero who got through life and fought crime based […]


‘SNL’ Recap: New York’s Hottest Host Is Bill Hader

When a fan favorite cast member returns to host Saturday Night Live, the expectations are very high. Watchers expect to see their recurring characters and impressions that they loved, and they also expect an episode that will make them laugh. Bill Hader raises those expectations even higher because after eight seasons, Hader left SNL as […]


‘SNL Vintage’: A Tribute to Jan Hooks

To celebrate the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, NBC will be airing classic episodes they have dubbed SNL Vintage. Airing during the 10 p.m. time slot on Saturday nights, these condensed episodes will replace reruns from the current season of SNL. SNL Vintage this week is scheduled to be the Feb. 13, 1993 episode with […]


‘Gone Girl’ is a wicked satire of marriage in 2014

Gone Girl feels like a movie that should go in a time capsule because it captures the current culture we live in so well. If someone wants to know 25 years from now what life was like in 2014, I’d consider showing him or her this film. That may say more about me than the […]


‘SNL’ Recap: Sarah Silverman Returns To Studio 8H

Sarah Silverman spent a total of 18 episodes as a cast member on Saturday Night Live during its 19th season in 1993-94. Only Ben Stiller (four), Damon Wayans (12), and Paul Shaffer (13) appeared in fewer episodes as cast members and have been asked back to host SNL. Looking back at those 18 episodes, it’s hard […]


Hey, movie blogs: Don’t spoil ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ for me, OK?

Apparently, there is a massive spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VII available on the internet. When I say “massive,” I mean something that could completely ruin your enjoyment of the movie before seeing it. And we’re still 15 months away from Episode VII ‘s Dec. 18, 2015 theatrical release. Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci had someone explain […]


‘SNL’ Recap: The Summer of Chris Pratt is Officially Over

During his monologue on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, host Chris Pratt sang a song about himself. It included the lines, “And I join a list of some amazing hosts/Some of them did not do well/Hopefully I’m not one of those.” While Pratt won’t be joining January Jones or Steven Seagal on that list […]