The five best dramas in FX history

The FX network has given us some of the best television around for a while now, and with two of their flagship dramas — Sons of Anarchy and Justified — ending their runs it got me to thinking: what are the best shows FX has ever produced? It could have been a long list, but […]


‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: The cat fights continue

There were a few weird things about this week’s Celebrity Apprentice. The first is that I watched it twice (I KNOW) and feel like I have less to say about the actual tasks and more about the remaining contestants. Secondly, out of nowhere (that we’ve seen, who knows how much has been edited out), Vivica […]


Wrestler Mark Schultz has changed his tune on ‘Foxcatcher’

Apparently, five Academy Award nominations can change a guy’s mind. Or at the very least, that might settle a hothead down. Just over two weeks ago, former Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz exploded on Twitter over how he was portrayed in the movie Foxcatcher, pointing most of his outrage toward director Bennett Miller. What particularly angered […]

Kevin Hart and Sia Bumper Photos

‘SNL’ Recap: Kevin Hart Starts 2015 With A Bang

Saturday Night Live returned after almost a month away with Kevin Hart hosting and Sia as the musical guest. While the show started strong, including a great monologue from Hart about raccoons and putting his son in harm’s way, it stumbled a bit during the second half. Overall though, another good episode in a season full […]


‘Foxcatcher’ has fascinating premise, yet isn’t compelling enough

Will Foxcatcher benefit from good timing? The movie goes into wide national release Friday (Jan. 16), one day after earning five Academy Award nominations, including a Best Director nod for Bennett Miller, a Best Actor nomination for Steve Carell and a Best Supporting Actor bid for Mark Ruffalo. Just as those nominations might pique moviegoers’ […]


Oscars 2015 Best Original Song Nominees, Snubs, And Other Notes

Earlier this morning the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards were announced in Beverly Hills, California. Among the 24 categories announced were the five nominees for Best Original Song. Here are the five nominees: “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie “Glory” from Selma “Grateful” from Beyond the Lights “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” from […]


‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: Put it AWAY, Geraldo

Before we get into this week’s Celebrity Apprentice recap, which again featured back-to-back episodes, let me warn you that Geraldo walks around in his underwear, and if my retinas had to be burned and I had to be scarred for life in general, then you too will have to suffer the same fate! The first […]


Will Sia Add To This List of Weird ‘SNL’ Performances?

This week, Saturday Night Live returns after almost a month away with host Kevin Hart and musical guest Sia. Sounds like a pretty typical line-up for SNL; Hart’s new movie, The Wedding Ringer, opens on Friday and Sia is currently one of the biggest acts in music. Except Sia has decided to stop showing her face […]


10 post-show thoughts on the 2015 Golden Globes

As George Costanza once learned, it’s best to leave on a high note. From the outset of the 2015 Golden Globes, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reminded us that this would be their last turn emceeing Hollywood’s other, less prestigious, but far more fun awards show. “We are so happy to be hosting the 72nd […]


‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: Don’t mess with The Donald

After the two-hour premiere of Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, Monday featured back-to-back episodes that brought to light a few things: 1) Geraldo is a FUCKING jackass. 2) You cannot outsmart Donald Trump. 3) Donald’s son Eric is better looking than Donald Jr. Also, I have a girl crush on Ivanka. So now, let’s get to […]


Video: Nicole Kidman informs Jimmy Fallon that he blew it with her

Jimmy Fallon doesn’t often distinguish himself as an interviewer with guests on The Tonight Show (or previously on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). However, his interviews can bring some entertainment value when he’s clearly a fan of his guest’s work or there’s a funny story to tell. Fallon may never have a better interview, in […]


Gullible News Outlets Think ‘The Kids’ Don’t Know About Paul McCartney

On New Year’s Day, Kanye West released a new song titled “Only One,” which features Paul McCartney. Recorded in Los Angeles, this song is the first of reportedly several collaborations between the rapper and the former Wings frontman for West’s upcoming album. “Only One” is a ballad featuring West’s auto-tuned singing and McCartney on keyboards. […]


‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: The premiere

The two-hour premiere episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice debuted on Sunday night, with an additional two episodes airing Monday. We’re going to recap the premiere below, with Monday’s episodes coming later this week. Before we get to the episode, here is a rundown of the cast: Brandi Glanville, 42 Geraldo Rivera, 71 Gilbert Gottfried, 59 […]


My top 10 movies of 2014

I have a love-hate relationship with year-end top 10 movie lists. I love the culmination of the year in moviegoing and thinking about which films stood apart among everything I’ve seen. As New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis once wrote, top 10 lists also serve as a public ritual, allowing one to lay his […]