Riot shells, Ray Velcoro and the future of ‘True Detective’

(This post contains spoilers. You can read my thoughts on episode one and episode two of True Detective, season two.) Riot shells, the kind police use. That’s what brought us to this place. Somewhere between reality and the afterlife, Ray Velcoro finds himself trapped in a bar. It’s reminiscent of the one where he and […]


Is Wil Wheaton’s web series ‘Titansgrave’ the perfect RPG ambassador?

In 2012, actor and internet personality Wil Wheaton created the web series TableTop for the Geek & Sundry YouTube network. Each week, Mr. Wheaton gathers a group of actors, YouTubers, game designers and other folks to play one or several board games. Using time-lapse to move past slower bits and colorful graphics to help explain and […]


The History and Cultural Significance of Rappers Talking With Stephen Colbert

Over nine years of unprecedented comedic work, Stephen Colbert, the performer, became synonymous with a caricature of modern conservatism. Most people were in on the joke by the end — though holdouts remained. Colbert sharply satirized, among other things, the narrow focus of the conservative political agenda, and as a white male with traditional looks and unending charm, he was […]


Box office bombs? Four cult classics for your 4th of July weekend

Those who know me consider me Mr. Entertainment, so I get asked about movies I’ve seen that often go unheralded. I used to see about 70 movies in the theater each year, and often most of those were, sadly, something you would wish upon your worst enemy. Or your grandmother. Or your maternal grandmother. Not saying I have […]


‘Terminator: Genisys’ should kill off the Terminator film franchise

The only thing more predictable than the plot in another Terminator movie is a negative review for the film. Terminator: Genisys is awful, and its legacy might be killing this franchise off for good. Like the killer robot that just can’t be vanquished, that keeps coming back when you think it’s finally dead, we’ve kept […]


‘Comedians in Cars’ recap: Trevor Noah’s Work Ethic Should be Admired

Seinfeld has begun streaming on Hulu, but that cash windfall has not stopped Jerry Seinfeld from working on his current show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This week’s guest was Trevor Noah, the South African-born comedian who is becoming known as “the guy who is replacing Jon Stewart.” This is a chance to get acquainted […]


Prices For Steve Martin’s Stop At WinStar Casino Lowest on Tour

Steve Martin and the North Carolina bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers will merge together with comedy legend Martin Short in, “A Very Stupid Conversation” on July 11 at WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, OK. The show will include musical performances (including Martin on the banjo), witty banter, and storytelling. An actor, comedian, and author, Martin […]


Wake Up Call: Vince Vaughn comes alive in ‘True Detective,’ episode two

(This post contains spoilers. I’d highly recommend watching episode two BEFORE reading. You can read my thoughts on the first episode of True Detective, season two here.) At the spectacular Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, N.Y., on Sunday afternoon, my family and I went to see Rebel Without a Cause for $5. Spearheaded by the immortal James Dean, […]


‘Ted 2′ can’t even do its job of making us laugh

Giving Ted 2 a bad review seems like the easy move, the critical equivalent of shooting at a stationary target from point blank rage. But before you write this off as some sort of snobbery, I ask that you consider that I try to appreciate certain movies for what they try to do. Not every movie is […]


‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ recap: Bill Maher walks the line

When Jerry Seinfeld is really comfortable with a guest, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee can really shine. This week’s episode saw Seinfeld’s longtime friend Bill Maher as his guest. The episode was both engaging and informative, but a reused topic and some awkward editing brought it down slightly. WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episode […]


President Obama on faith, getting old and gun violence with Marc Maron

Last Friday, President Barack Obama came to Marc Maron’s garage for an interview on the WTF podcast (the show ran Monday), days after the unspeakable tragedies in Charleston, S.C., and days before the Supreme Court determines the future of the Affordable Care Act — and, by extension, determines a large chunk of Obama’s legacy. Maron was unusually nervous […]


The Batman ‘Arkham’ universe is the one we need, one the hero deserves

Batman is one of my favorite protagonists, period. Since I was five and and stumbled onto my parents watching a rented copy of Tim Burton’s Batman, I have been fascinated by the character and his world. My parents soon introduced me to the Adam West movie and TV series, the former of which I assumed was canon to […]


Tom Holland is the new movie Spider-Man, Jon Watts to direct

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have finally settled on their new cinematic Spider-Man. According to The Hollywood Reporter (and soon directly confirmed by Marvel), British actor Tom Holland will play the latest incarnation of the web-slinger in a reboot of the franchise. Holland, 19, has starred in 2012’s The Impossible, BBC miniseries Wolf Hall (seen in […]