John Oliver Has Become The Most Important Person On TV

From our fearless editor Ben Koo a few days ago: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is quickly becoming like The Wire as those who watch believe it’s the best show on TV and those who have never seen it think you’re crazy and will probably never check it out.” Last summer, Jon Stewart took […]

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The worst character on TV: Abby Donovan

Is there a worse character on TV right now than Ray Donovan matriarch Abby Donovan? No. No, there is not. The shrill, grating wife of the titular character is the worst part of Showtime’s otherwise solid show. Abby, as played by Paula Malcomson, seems to serve no purpose other than to complain about how much […]


No, Gene Simmons — Rock Is Not Dead

The phrase “rock is dead” has been thrown around so much that Pete Townshend included it in The Who song, “Long Live Rock.” Townshend wrote that song in 1972. Last week, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons was interviewed for Esquire by his son, Nick. The father and son discussed the current state of the recording industry […]


As the Apple Watch approaches, do we really want smartwatches?

Are smartwatches really about to become a thing? Will we soon become a people talking into or staring at their watches as part of our daily routines? Have you been wanting to communicate with people through your watch, via text message, e-mail or phone call? Are you nursing a desire to watch movies, TV shows or […]

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‘The One I Love’ and its quirky premise are worth seeking out

If The One I Love was simply a straight-up character drama (or maybe a “dramedy”) about the deterioration of a marriage and the efforts to recapture what brought a particular couple together in the first place, it might be worth watching. Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass are compelling enough as the leads that seeing them act out the […]


‘The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story’: Not exciting, just scary

Okay, I have no idea what I just watched. But let’s be honest: My expectations for The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story were pretty low to begin with because nothing of quality has even run on Lifetime since it lost its syndication rights of the Golden Girls to the Hallmark Channel.  I also already […]

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CNN asks: “Who is 4chan???”

CNN continues its evolution in transforming from a 24/7 cable news network into a 24/7 blooper reel. The network formerly known as the most trusted name in news has had one appalling on-air screw-up after another and quickly become the poster-child for all that ails the American news media. This “segment” (I use quotation marks to describe […]


A ‘Full House’ revival is in the works

Yesterday, when I saw on that a Full House revival was in the works, I stood up and screamed, HAVE MERCY! (Okay, not really, maybe just in my head). But here are the details: “The show’s creator Jeff Franklin would pen the potential revival, with original executive producer Bob Boyett also on board. Castmembers […]

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The two standout moments from the 2014 Emmy Awards

If you stayed with the 2014 Emmy Awards Monday night, you probably thought it was a boring, lackluster production with few surprises. And maybe you were a little miffed that Modern Family won so many awards when there are bolder, funnier comedies on television right now. But if you tuned in for that first hour, […]

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Fangs for the memories: Where did ‘True Blood’ go wrong?

This final season of True Blood has felt akin to watching an accountant balance a ledger. Each character and plot thread is being treated as an open account that needs to be squared before the end of the month. It feels very safe, comfortable, predictable, and frankly has not been very interesting to watch. Even […]

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Watching the 2014 VMAs, AKA the Friendship VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards are a unique phenomenon in the age of Twitter: It’s like having every celebrity scandal of the year happen all within the span of two hours, and also someone occasionally sings or something. AP Party columnists like myself and Samantha Murray unabashedly love this annual festival of complete nonsense and sometimes shockingly […]


Ranking the fake films of ‘Seinfeld’

It’s happened to all of us: You’re watching an episode of Seinfeld where they mention going to see a movie and you think to yourself, “Man, that sounds like something I’d actually want to see.” The fake movies in Seinfeld usually sound better than what’s actually playing in real theaters. But how would you rank […]