Ranking Weird Al Yankovic’s 8 new videos

Starting last week, “Weird Al Yankovic” vaulted back in to our hearts, releasing a new album and the brilliant music videos that made him famous. Mandatory Fun is his first album in three years and does not disappoint. We wanted to do a ranking of the best Weird Al parodies to date, but literally everyone has […]

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Kanye West’s GQ interview reaches new levels of delusion

GQ’s July issue has a Q & A feature with Kanye West. The interview is so deluded, I briefly considered that the issue wasn’t the interview, but actually my English comprehension skills. But no, really, I think I choose that both the questions and answers are so asinine, I would like to dissect them here […]


Could ’24′ live on with more Kate Morgan, less Jack Bauer?

Last week was the final episode of Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, a limited 12-episode run of the popular series that reunites us with agent Jack Bauer four years after the ending of its eighth season. (If you haven’t watched it yet or plan to do so later, you might want to come back to this, […]


A few questions about the 2014 Emmy nominations

The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, and as could be expected, many critics and fans were outraged over the shows and actors wrongfully snubbed. Depending on who you follow on Twitter, your timeline may have been flooded with fist-waving and teeth-grinding over The Good Wife not being nominated in the “Outstanding Drama” category, […]


A New Dungeons & Dragons For A New Generation Of Tabletop Gamers

Dungeons & Dragons has been a household brand name since the game’s meteoric rise to popularity in the early 1980s with the iconic Basic Dungeons & Dragons boxed set. TSR, Inc., the custodian of the property at that time, published a great product that was relatively easy to get into and understand but complex enough […]


10 Songs for Your Fourth of July BBQ Playlist Not by Lee Greenwood

The United States of America will celebrate its 238th birthday this Fourth of July, and many Americans will spend the day firing up their grills, drinking beer, and blowing things up. Unlike its more somber brother Memorial Day, the Fourth of July is meant to be a day to celebrate and have a good time. […]


I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’ Episodes 5-8 Recap: Bitches be crazy

To the surprise of no one, this train wreck of a show was cancelled shortly after I posted my Episode 4 recap. I wasn’t upset over the actual cancellation so much as how much time and effort I put in to these recaps and there was no way I couldn’t watch the rest of the […]


Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ changed pop culture 25 years ago

With the prevalence of comic book superhero movies in theaters these days, it seems strange to remember a time when blockbusters based on Marvel and DC Comics characters weren’t on the big screen. But 25 years ago, it was a huge risk to make a movie based on Batman, though the hero was easily recognized […]