Confronting the dark side or: How I learned to appreciate the Star Wars prequels

“Real sets. Practical effects.” Those were the first words uttered in the Comic-Con trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While this highlights the film’s “throwback” production techniques, it’s also a jab at George Lucas’ prequel trilogy that relied almost entirely on green-screen sets and CGI effects. Disney, J.J. Abrams and crew have made a […]

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Oliver Queen becomes the Green Arrow in Arrow’s season four premiere

Season three of Arrow was a mixed bag. While there were some cool ideas — such as introducing Ra’s al Ghul and having the League of Assassins — too many cooks in the kitchen resulted in a sloppy, overly dark narrative. With The Flash succeeding with a more upbeat attitude, watching the show seemed like […]

Damage Control

What is ‘Damage Control,’ ABC’s potential new Marvel comedy?

The Marvel comic book universe is full of characters on the fringe who poke fun at the more popular aspects of the universe. Some of these characters, like Howard the Duck and Deadpool, attained cult status among comic book fans, eventually leading to their own ongoing monthly series, guest appearances in more popular titles, and […]


‘The Flash’ Review: “The Man Who Saved Central City”

“The Man Who Saved Central City,” the second season premiere of The Flash opens up with a cheerfully deceiving tone. Barry is duking it out against Captain Cold and Heatwave, and after an assist from Firestorm, they defeat the duo. The entire team is reintroduced at Star Labs, and you think everything is fine when the […]


Despite great cast, ‘Sicario’ can’t figure out what it’s about

Here’s the problem with Sicario: The movie doesn’t seem to realize what its best assets are. It’s the latest example of a film or TV show that makes the mistake of focusing on the wrong character for their stories. Sometimes, it’s intentional, with the less compelling figure acting as an entry into a particular world. […]


‘The Leftovers’ returns with a bold, change of pace premiere

Almost instantly, I was hooked on HBO’s The Leftovers. The show’s premise was fascinating. What happened if two percent of the population had disappeared, all at the same time, due to an unexplained event? The approach was unique. It dealt solely with the remaining affected people and the pain and suffering of the characters, instead […]


‘SNL’ recap: Hillary steals the premiere from Miley

Last Friday, Gawker posted an article about Saturday Night Live fans on Instagram upset with the show having Miley Cyrus as host and musical guest. For long-time fans of the show, this was no surprise since people have been posting comments like, “This is why I don’t watch SNL anymore,” for years. Hell, people probably […]


‘Saturday Night Live’ season 41 preview: What to look forward to

Saturday Night Live returns for its 41st season this Saturday and after several straight summers of cast shakeups, things were relatively quiet after the 40th season ended in May. Every cast member from last season will return for season 41 and only one new cast member, stand-up comedian Jon Rudnitsky, will join them. The lack […]


‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ gets better as it embraces fantastical comic book roots

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D overcame major growing pains over its first two seasons. The series was a product of the superhero hype machine, Marvel’s first attempt in bringing its cinematic universe to the small screen and it floundered quickly. The show followed Phil Coulson, his group of agents, and their missions against bad guys and threats against the world. Early episodes had some fun moments, […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s third-season premiere charts a promising course for what’s ahead

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s third-season premiere Sunday brought some significant changes for the show, following on from the cliffhangers in May’s second-season finale, but it also suggested that the core of this comedy is still very much intact. The show has largely been character-driven rather than plot-driven over its first two seasons, with much of the humor arising from bouncing […]


Rediscovering how magnificent ‘Se7en’ is, 20 years later

“I’m setting the example. And what I’ve done is going to be puzzled over, and studied, and followed forever.” — John Doe Twenty years isn’t quite forever. Not yet. But two decades after being released in theaters on Sept. 22, 1995, Seven (or Se7en, which kind of started the annoying trend of substituting letters with […]