Forbes declares the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports team in the world

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world.

According to Forbes, the Cowboys are now valued at a remarkable $4 billion, giving Jerry Jones’ NFL franchise the overall lead over Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid and Barcelona for the title of the world’s most valuable team.

The New York Yankees and Manchester United of the English Premier League finish off the top five:

  1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL, $4 billion)
  2. Real Madrid (La Liga, $3.65 billion)
  3. Barcelona (La Liga, $3.55 billion)
  4. New York Yankees (MLB, $3.4 billion)
  5. Manchester United (EPL, $3.32 billion)

Overall, 27 NFL teams were included in the world’s top 50, giving the league an increase of seven teams from last year’s list. The average NFL franchise is now worth almost $2 billion.

The NFL rankings are as follows:

  1. Dallas Cowboys ($4 billion)
  2. New England Patriots ($3.2 billion)
  3. Washington Redskins ($2.85 billion)
  4. New York Giants ($2.8 billion)
  5. San Francisco 49ers ($2.7 billion)
  6. New York Jets ($2.6 billion)
  7. Houston Texans ($2.5 billion)
  8. Chicago Bears ($2.45 billion)
  9. Philadelphia Eagles ($2.4 billion)
  10. Green Bay Packers ($1.95 billion)

The only five NFL teams to not make the top 50 are the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams.

The Cowboys surged to the top of the rankings thanks to another bump in the NFL’s television contracts, a record operating profit and unmatched facilities, including AT&T Stadium and the team’s new $1.5 billion practice facility.

The Cowboys are America’s Team. And the world’s richest franchise for 2016.

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