Roger Goodell: Laremy Tunsil’s slide is ‘what makes the draft so exciting’

Laremy Tunsil’s free fall Thursday in the first round of the NFL draft certainly had some suspense to it.

According to Bleacher Report, commissioner Roger Goodell went as far as to say  “I think it’s all part of what makes the draft so exciting,” on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike.”

Is that really the right way to put it? The situation was more like rubbernecking at an accident scene considering the reason pick after pick went by without the Mississippi offensive tackle’s name being called. A video posted on Tunsil’s Twitter account allegedly showed him smoking marijuana with a gas mask.

And so Tunsil, who heading into the night figured to be a top-five pick, slid all the way down to the Dolphins at 13. All the while Goodell had no idea why Tunsil was continuously being shunned. He said on the show he was unaware of the infamous social media post until after Tunsil was picked.

An oblivious Goodell? Shocker.

Tunsil had been a fixture at the top of just about every mock draft when the Titans owned the top pick. An offensive lineman going to a team in the ho-hum AFC South? Booooriiiing.

When the Rams and Eagles traded into the top two spots, that at least spiced things up. Everyone knew the first two picks would be quarterbacks and Tunsil’s landing spot was more of a mystery.

Then on Thursday the situation took on more of a “wtf” feel. But the word “exciting” doesn’t quite capture it.

Sure, Goodell was busy announcing picks and shaking hands. But it wouldn’t have hurt if he checked his phone once in a while.