Dugout Digest – and here we go!

The playoffs begin today. At 5:07 PM eastern today, the NL Wild Card game between the Cardinals and Braves will begin, and we will officially be in the MLB postseason. Just a quick overview to what to expect from TOC over the course of the playoffs…

-Previews of every series, including today's wild card games

-Recaps of every playoff game that happens, right after they conclude

-Analysis of key situations that take place throughout the games of each series

-Videos of key plays in games, posted as quickly as possible

-End of season post-mortems when teams are eliminated

-And of course, the usual irrelevancy you've come to expect from The Outside Corner

So strap in, and get ready, starting today with the Cardinals and Braves, and the Orioles and Rangers. Saturday, we'll have coverage of the Tigers-Athletics and Giants-Reds series, as well as coverage of everything else related to the MLB playoffs.

And here…we go!

Joe Lucia

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Joe is the managing editor of The Outside Corner and an associate editor at Awful Announcing. He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is smack dab in the middle of some of the best (and worst) sports fans in the country.