Chris Perez (and wife) charged with drug possession

Earlier this week, it was reported that Indians closer Chris Perez was being investigated for possible drug possession charges after a package was delivered through the mail to his home in Rocky River, Ohio. Details were scarce at the time as the investigation was still ongoing, but today, Perez and his wife, Melanie, are being charged with "misdemeanor drug abuse."

According to the police report, two Priority Mail packages from Los Angeles were delivered to the home by an undercover officer dressed as a mailman. The packages — one containing 6.2 ounces of marijuana, and the other 3.45 ounces — were addressed to "Brody Baum." Brody is the name of the Perezes dog. Baum is Melanie Perez's maiden name.


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The Perezes went out to eat later in the day, and police searched the house while they were gone. The report says that the packages were found on a back patio, and a grinder was also found in the home during the search. The two were read their rights when they came home, at which point Chris Perez apparently asked the officer about Ohio's marijuana laws. Both were later released and have a hearing scheduled for June 19. A statement from their lawyer indicated they will be entering pleas of not guilty.

Under Ohio law, possession of anything less than 100 grams of marijuana is a minor misdemeanor, with no incarceration and a $100 fine. In Ohio, minor misdemeanors do not create a criminal record.

Perez has been on the disabled listed since May 27 with a shoulder injury. In 17 appearances before getting hurt, Perez surrendered 4 home runs and 10 walks in 16.2 innings, going 6-for-8 in save opportunities with a 4.32 ERA. He was scheduled to resume throwing on Wednesday. Obviously, his return date is now a bit more cloudy.

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