Grady Sizemore of the Phillies

Phillies’ early signings a tip-off to not get excited about 2015

Here at The Outside Corner, we’ve generated quite a bit of content at Ruben Amaro, Jr.’s expense. It’s not malicious, but we’re wondering just what exactly his plan is for the Philadelphia Phillies, renovating the roster and restoring the team to a viable playoff contender. Typically, MLB clubs wait until the completion of the World […]

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The most disappointing potential dynasties of the divisional era

The word dynasty is defined as “a family, team, etc., that is very powerful or successful for a long period of time”. With a third World Series championship in five seasons, the San Francisco Giants would arguably become baseball’s first dynasty since the Yankees won four title in five seasons in the late-90s. Since the Yankees […]

Hunter Strickland

Hunter Strickland loses his cool, and maybe Giants’ confidence

Man, what is the deal with Hunter Strickland? Typically, the 26-year-old right-hander would be a nice story, the type we love to celebrate during the postseason. Prior to this year, Strickland was a career minor leaguer, drafted by the Red Sox in 2007 and playing in the Boston and Pittsburgh organizations before landing with the Giants last […]

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

How international free agents killed offense in baseball

In the 1950s, baseball expanded without adding any new franchises. After going from 1903 to 1947 without dramatically increasing the talent pool and not adding any new teams, the flood gates opened up, adding at least 10% of the country’s baseball players back into that pool. While it started with just Jackie Robinson and Larry […]


World Series MVP Watch – Game 2

Throughout the World Series, we’ll be keeping an eye on the race to win the World Series MVP. After each game we’ll rank the top candidates for the award based on their performance and intangible worthiness for the big honor. With another lopsided victory in Game 2, no true heroes have yet emerged to become obvious […]

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

James Shields has killed the legend of ‘Big Game James’

We can safely retire that “Big Game James” nickname for James Shields now, right? Shields didn’t give himself the nickname. Nor should he have, because you just shouldn’t give yourself a nickname. It has to be given to you or somehow earned. He got the tag while in the minor leagues, courtesy of teammate Chris […]

Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is having one of the best Postseasons in a decade

Madison Bumgarner has been a dynamo in this year’s MLB Postseason. In five starts, Bumgarner has a 1.40 ERA. He’s allowed just seven runs (six earned) over 38 2/3 innings, striking out 33 and walking only six. Needless to say, he’s well on his way to the third World Championship of his young career. But what […]


World Series MVP Watch – Game 1

Throughout the World Series, we’ll be keeping an eye on the race to win the World Series MVP. After each game we’ll rank the top candidates for the award based on their performance and intangible worthiness for the big honor. After a lopsided Game 1, the frontrunners for the awards are fairly obvious, but we have plenty […]

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Five keys for the Royals in the World Series

The Royals are undefeated in the postseason, winning the wild-card playoff versus the A’s, sweeping the Angels in three games during the Division Series and not losing a game to the Orioles in the ALCS. So every button manager Ned Yost pushes — regardless of how crazy it might drive observers and analysts on social media — […]

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Five keys for the Giants in the World Series

The San Francisco Giants are four wins away from their third World Series championship in five seasons, which is pretty unbelievable considering the franchise went 56 years between their last title and their first one in this current run. It’s been a pretty incredible few years for a team that, for whatever reason, no one […]

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants, the Royals, and building a roster

Whenever a young, “scrappy” team like the Royals makes a team playoff run, a plethora of articles start to emerge suggesting that their homegrown approach is “the right way”, or something along those lines. They’ve got all these young guys, they must have a great player development system! In the case of this year’s World […]

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Matchups to keep in mind for the World Series

It’s true that the stats show a small sample size and all that, but in a World Series, matchups and tendencies play the biggest part in determining who comes out ahead. With only one team to prepare for and five days to get ready, here are a few of the matchups that most definitely got […]

Yoenis Cespedes of the Red Sox

10 teams that should call the Red Sox about Yoenis Cespedes

Could the Red Sox attempt to trade Yoenis Cespedes during the offseason? After getting him in exchange for Jon Lester, Boston would seemingly prefer to keep him as a right-handed complement to David Ortiz in the middle of its lineup. Cespedes could also provide good range and a strong arm in right field for the […]

Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals

End of season post-mortem: St. Louis Cardinals

This was such a strange year for the Cardinals. They didn’t clinch the NL Central until the final day of the 2014 season. They didn’t take sole possession of first place until September 1st. Yet, the Cardinals still won 90 games, beat Clayton Kershaw twice in the NLDS, and advanced to the NLCS. For most […]