Arian Foster fumbles after getting stripped by teammate Derek Newton (video)

The Houston Texans have a lot more problems than just the quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons absolutely shredded their defense and stonewalled their running game Sunday, but it was the self-inflicted errors that hurt the most. In this case, the self-inflicted errors were quite literal. Running back Arian Foster was stripped Sunday by his own teammate—offensive lineman Derek Newton. […]

Watch: Fletcher Cox yanks Matt Jones down by his hair

Long hair is a staple on every NFL sideline. Every team has at least one guy with hair that covers their name and number on the back of their jersey. Turns out, there is a price to pay for having long, flowing locks as Washington Redskins running back Matt Jones demonstrated Sunday. Philadelphia Eagles linebacker […]

The worst coaching decisions from NFL Week 3

The majority of sports fans know that coaches aren’t perfect and mistakes are inevitable. As long as no major game-changing mistakes are committed, fan outrage is usually kept to a minimum. With three weeks of the NFL season now in the books, head coaches should be finding their groove, yet somehow they are making just as many mistakes […]

Ref gets knocked down during INT return (video)

The Minnesota Vikings beat the San Diego Chargers Sunday by the final score of 31-7. It was a snoozer, but with about 14 minutes left in the game, Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway picked off quarterback Philip Rivers and returned it 91 yards for a touchdown. That still wasn’t particularly interesting, but on the return, the official […]

Watch: Amari Cooper stiff-arms safety on 40-yard catch

The Oakland Raiders may have found an offensive playmaker for the ages. Rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper may already be one of the best in the league. On this 40-yard catch and run, the fourth-overall pick stiff-armed a Browns safety to the ground and then ran for 20 more yards. The catch gave Cooper over 100 yards in […]

Marcus Mariota whiffs and falls down on tackle attempt (video)

Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota was put in a no-win situation Sunday. After his receiver fumbled, Mariota had to try to make a tackle. The result of his attempt was hilarious. GIF: Marcus Mariota’s attempt to make a tackle after fumble did not end well — The Cauldron (@TheCauldron)

Four Bold Predictions for Week 3 in the NFL

Week’s 2 bold predictions were a bust, which brings them to an unimpressive 0-10 on the season. There have been a few close calls, but the closest prediction last week was the Seattle Seahawks getting blown out in Green Bay. Undeterred, bold predictions saunters on fearlessly against the grain. After all, what are bold predictions if they are not risky? […]

Five biggest coaching gaffes from Week 2 in the NFL

It’s part of a fan’s RNA to complain about coaching errors, the officials, the boogey man and commissioner Roger Goodell. Every fan base has a different manual, but spelled out somewhere after what colors are allowed to be worn on Sunday during football season is that coaches aren’t human and therefore are not allowed to […]

Watch: Cam Newton does front flip into end zone for TD

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t have much help on offense, so he has to take it upon himself to make plays. To Panthers fans, he’s affectionately known as Super Cam in a nod to his Superman-like abilities on the football field. With the score tied 10-10 in the third quarter, Newton flew into the […]

Sammy Watkins makes one-handed grab on his back (video)

The Buffalo Bills knew they needed great plays beat the New England Patriots. The margin of difficulty on this catch by wide receiver Sammy Watkins qualifies as a great catch, but wasn’t exactly what they had in mind. The catch was off a tip and went for a measly four yards. Sammy Watkins bobble catch.

Five Bold Predictions for NFL Week 2

Last week’s bold predictions were the equivalent of going 0-for-4 in the batter’s box, but making loud contact. That’s about the best you can expect from predictions that are truly of the bold variety—even if hitting .300 is an attainable goal. In Week 2, we have a bit more information than we did in Week 1, but there is […]

Five biggest coaching gaffes from Week 1 in the NFL

Given all the resources available to coaches, making smart decisions should be easy. Knowing what they know about their players, their opponents and probabilities, there shouldn’t be situations where a coach is costing his team the chance to win games. Yet, every week there are examples of coaches blowing it. Week 1 was no exception. Narrowing this […]

Watch: Travis Kelce starts awesome TD celebration from 20-yard line

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is already up to two touchdowns on the season. As he demonstrated last season, he has also elevated touchdown celebrations to an artform. On his second touchdown, Kelce started his celebration around the 20-yard line by starting a windmill before punching out the football once he reached the end […]

Johnny Manziel throws bomb on 3rd-and-19 for first career TD (video)

Browns starting quarterback Josh McCown was concussed on his helicopter fumble, which means Johnny Manziel got his first regular season action of the year. As a rookie, Manziel had two interceptions and one rushing touchdown in 2014. Now, Manziel has his first career passing touchdown. It came on a 54-yard bomb to Travis Benjamin on […]

Four bold predictions for NFL Week 1

Nothing is worse than a bold prediction that isn’t bold enough. Bold means to be courageous, daring and imaginative. There is a danger element to bold predictions. There should be some risk involved, which means every one of them should be outrageous to someone. Week 1 is a great time for bold predictions because almost […]

Five NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year candidates

The NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year award is all about stats—tackles and sacks are chief among them. It’s far from a perfect system, but somehow the Associated Press still manages to identify great players more often than not. The last five winners have been Ndamukong Suh, Von Miller, Luke Kuechly, Sheldon Richardson and Aaron Donald. […]

10 biggest villains in the NFL right now

If you’ve seen enough movies and watched enough television, you know that villains come in many forms. Not every villain is a bad guy, but we need them. Villains are what drive the best stories. The NFL would not be successful without good villains. How would we be able to identify heroes if not for […]

Five NFL offensive rookie of the year candidates

For years, NFL running backs were heavy favorites to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Although the game has changed considerably, there is no doubt they still figure heavily into the mix when considering the early favorites to win the OROY award. Yet we need to consider others for multiple reasons.  For starters, […]

Five NFL quarterbacks with the most to prove in 2015

There is little debate that the quarterback position is the most important in all of football. NFL teams spend huge sums of money trying to identify one of about a dozen people on the planet capable of playing the position well enough to get them to the playoffs. The ones who play well get paid even larger […]

Raiders offensive line issues could spell disaster for team

Promising as the youthful Oakland Raiders may be in 2015, they still have plenty of issues. Among them are a terrifying lack of depth, inexperience and even questionable starters at a few key positions. All three of those things hold true about an offensive line that is vital for the Raiders offensive turnaround. If things […]

Peyton Manning’s 2015 season could be one of the worst in his career

Even the great quarterbacks of the game eventually find that they simply no longer have the ability to produce at or near their career average. That doesn’t mean they can’t play in the league, but eventually Father Time also wins that battle. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will probably be able to play for a long […]

Can Tim Tebow beat out Matt Barkley to earn a roster spot?

Tim Tebow hasn’t played a down of regular season football since 2012, but if he beats out Matt Barkley for the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback job, he’ll be just a Sam Bradford injury away from being a starter again. If Eagles fans aren’t scared by this possibility, they should be. Of course, the prospect of Barkley starting […]