Biggest surprises from NFL free agency

The NFL’s new league year kicked off with a bang on Tuesday. In an attempt to make sense of all the big moves that took place, we took a look back at the biggest surprises from a long two-day period which was filled with trades, roster cuts and signings. Sam Bradford and Nick Foles swapped […]

Greatest conference championship games in NFL history

The stage is set for Championship Weekend as four NFL teams find themselves just one game away from Super Bowl XLIX. There have been many entertaining title games in league history. Some football fans argue that the best matchup occurred before the merger—in the “Ice Bowl”—though there are plenty of AFC and NFC championships  which […]

How each remaining NFL team can make a Super Bowl run

The 2001 Patriots, 2007 Giants and 2012 Ravens were dark horses when they entered the divisional round in their respective seasons. Those blazing paths to glory all seem predictable in retrospect, as do the favorites that have pulled through over the years. Let’s take a look at each remaining team, specifically the scenario in which each can […]

Each NFL team in wild-card round’s most impactful injury

NFL teams do their best to ensure their players are as healthy as possible heading into the postseason. Each team playing in the wild-card round is dealing with an injury to at least one key player that could impact their respective team’s performance, and many of these guys aren’t signal callers. These players’ injuries could […]

Five players poised for big performances in Week 16

Certain stars must step up for their respective teams this weekend. And they have the favorable matchups to do just that. The players on the front-side of these matchups are the ones that absolutely must enter beast mode in Week 16 for their teams to remain in contention—and it’s the other way around for the […]

Updated AFC Wild Card race standings after Dolphins’ victory over Bills

In the (6-4) Miami Dolphins’ 22-9 win over the visiting (5-5) Bills on Thursday night, Miami boosted its playoff credentials while Buffalo’s outlook grew dimmer with each hopeless Kyle Orton attempt on third-and-long. The tide in this AFC East matchup turned quickly in the second half as the AFC Wild Card picture shifted shape. Above […]

NFL Midseason Awards: Which stars have shined brightest thus far?

It’s hard to believe the 2014 NFL regular season is already halfway over. We now have a sufficient sample size to hand out the fake hardware, so let’s do it. Most Valuable Player: QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers Runner-up: Philip Rivers, Chargers When Rodgers tweaked his hamstring on Sunday night, robbing him of his mobility, the […]

Eight exciting 1-on-1 matchups to watch in Week 6

Week 6 of the NFL season features several matchups between marquee players that are key in determining the outcome of their respective games. The best in the league will clash in the trenches, down the sideline and in the open field. Scan below for the most intriguing one-on-one(ish) matchups on the Week 6 slate. Cowboys […]

Five shocking upsets that could happen in Week 4

Week 4 will confirm or confuse our notions about which NFL teams can be trusted to handle business as favorites against ostensibly lesser competition. Here are five underdogs that could, very well, win straight up in Week 4. Chicago Bears (+1.5) vs. Green Bay Packers Jay Cutler is feeling extremely confident in his receivers right […]

Most exciting matchups to watch in Week 2

An array of thrilling toe-to-toe situations unfold during a given NFL weekend and Week 2 boasts plenty on the forefront. Scan below for a micro-outlook at Sunday’s upcoming games—highlighting some of the most intriguing matchups that could significantly affect the outcome of said games. Top five matchups to watch: Patriots-Vikings: Tom Brady vs. Mike Zimmer […]

Season-long predictions and 2014 win-loss projections for every NFL team

As the 2014 NFL season approaches, it’s important to point out that Back to the Future II took place in the distant dystopia of 2015. Furthermore, I managed to swipe Biff’s almanac so you can take these predictions to the bank. (Disclaimer: Please don’t take these picks to the bank. Arrogance and preseason picks do […]

NFL Preseason Week 3 Preview: Highlighting Five Must-See Matchups

NFL preseason Week 3 rapidly approaches as football fans and fantasy owners tighten their focus on starting lineups. Typically these are the closest representation of Week 1 regular season to hit the gridiron in August. Let’s take a look at the five games between Thursday and Sunday most worth catching. (All times p.m. ET) New York Giants […]

Eight NFL teams that improved the most heading into 2014 season

Every fanbase has reason to believe their team dramatically improved when the calendar date falls somewhere between the draft and Week 1 of the regular season. But unfortunately, not all of them will make the leap and become playoff contenders, so we’re going to highlight which ones have the most clear and substantial reasons for […]

Predicting future extensions for 5 NFL quarterbacks playing out rookie contracts

Now that Andy Dalton’s contract extension has been revealed as one that can quickly evaporate with little dead money if things go south in a few years, the outlook on forthcoming extensions becomes more intriguing. Colin Kaepernick’s extension likewise veered toward pay-as-you-go, and for the 2012 rookie quarterback class this thickens the plot as they vie […]

Most Shocking Developments From NFL OTAs Thus Far

The most recent phase of NFL OTAs are drawing to a close and it’s time to reflect on the most surprising, tragic and bizarrely predictable developments of recent weeks. Peruse below for the most shocking takeaways from this fleeting portion of the 2014 offseason. Daryl Washington suspended for 2014 season Arguably the best defensive player […]

Which NFL Teams Are Primed to Make a Move and Trade Up, Down?

The perfect storm of elements is hitting the NFL community thanks to polarizing views on quarterback prospects. For this draft in particular, many teams can qualify as logical candidates to potentially trade in the early rounds. I am not attempting to predict every trade, but to highlight some teams that are in sensible positions to […]

A Look Back: Recapping The 2013 NFL Draft’s Biggest Blunders

It’s hard not to come off a bit smug in picking apart a team’s draft from the prior offseason. We don’t want to be “that guy,” but we do want to highlight which NFL teams fared better than others. There were some puzzling moves made in the 2013 draft that caused us to scratch our […]

20 Free Agency Signings That Will Impact The 2014 NFL Season

The NFL’s signing and trading period’s opening week featured a vast majority of high-profile free agents being taken off the board. And several of those recently-moved players are scheduled to face their former teams come next season. Few things alter the immediate future in one fell swoop like a big signing at the start of […]

5 Takeaways from Day 1 of Free Agency

The NFL’s free agency market kicked off with a level of excitement and vigor that put Day 1 of last year to shame. Many Top 100 Players lists were whittled down within hours, and all in all, 64 players were moved to new teams. Below are five major takeaways since the official signing and trading […]

How The 6 NFL Teams With The Most Salary Cap Room Should Spend It

As the NFL’s 3-day negotiating period winds down and the free agency market prepares to officially open, players and agents alike wait patiently for 4 p.m. ET Tuesday. A mix of bottom-dwellers and borderline contenders are equipped with enough salary cap room to make multiple splashes during the official signing and trading period. Below is […]

2013 NFL Season in Review: A Look Back At The 10 Best Games of The Year

With the 2013 NFL season now officially in the books, there’s no better way for fans and players alike to fill their football voids than by reflecting on an action-packed year which was filled with shocking finishes and few certainties. In ranking the best games of this past season, unfortunately, some exceptional matchups barely missed the […]