Cristiano Ronaldo tosses reporter’s mic into lake

When a reporter asked Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo if his team was ready for Wednesday’s Euro 2016 match against Hungary, Ronaldo responded by throwing the reporter’s microphone into a lake according to The Big Lead.

Being a soccer player, it would have been more fitting if Ronaldo had kicked the microphone into the lake or even headed it into the lake.

Ronaldo and Portugal answered that reporter’s question on the field Wednesday, playing to a 3-3 draw with Hungary and advancing to the round of 16. Ronaldo, who had struggled throughout the tournament, had two goals and an assist.

So Ronaldo could have just said yes, Portugal was ready. But maybe he was doing the reporter a favor. That hand-held mic looked awfully big, sort of like a 1970s game show microphone.

No matter what kind of microphone they have, reporters will think twice about putting it in Ronaldo’s face for the rest of the tournament.

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