Dwight Howard says he doesn’t know who’s on the Warriors

Dwight Howard must be living under a rock because he doesn’t know who’s on the best team in the NBA.

Speaking with SiriusXM NBA Radio on Friday, the Atlanta Hawks center said he hasn’t even looked at the Golden State Warriors roster, which is baloney because the Warriors added Kevin Durant in the offseason and that’s all everybody talked about.

Howard also said he watched some of the Warriors’ preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday and thought Durant looked happy with his new team.

Via CBSSports.com:

How do you look at Golden State?

Well, to be honest with you, I haven’t even looked at Golden State.

You haven’t looked at Golden State?

I have not. That’s the honest-to-God truth. I’m happy for K.D. I know a lot of people have been killing him for leaving and going to Golden State, but hey man, he looks happy out there. I did have a chance to, I went to the bowling alley and I saw the first half of their game against the Clippers and he looks happy. He’s in a great situation for himself. But I haven’t really had a chance to really sit down, I don’t really know who’s on their team. I just glanced on the game for a couple minutes. Like I said, I saw the expressions on K.D.’s face of how happy he was. I’m happy for him. They’re going to be a really good team. Hopefully, it would be great to be playing ’em in the Finals. That’d be fun. ‘Cause I personally, they’ve beaten the teams I’ve been on the last couple years, and I want to beat those guys really bad.

Including Durant, the Warriors have four All-Stars on the roster and the reigning MVP in point guard Stephen Curry. Howard can pretend to not know who’s on the Warriors roster, but he does and so does everybody else.

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