James Harden, Jason Terry fail miserably on pass attempts

It has been a disappointing season for the Houston Rockets and two plays could not more perfectly summarize their season than what James Harden and Jason Terry did. On Thursday night against the Utah Jazz, Harden and Terry attempted two miserable passes.

The first errant pass attempt happened in the second quarter of the Western Conference matchup, when Harden positioned himself in the paint only to inexplicably throw the basketball into the stands.

Teammates are there to have your back and make sure you don’t feel alone. So perhaps that’s why late in the third quarter when Harden passed it to Terry, Terry passed the ball to Trevor Ariza who was standing out of bounds. Terry’s teammates on the bench had a great chance to laugh at their teammate’s blunder.

Hopefully the Rockets will get in an early practice tomorrow, so everyone can learn to keep their passes to teammates on the court.