Jay Gruden threatens to read players’ tweets during meetings

The (3-10) Washington Redskins are still licking their wounds from an embarrassing 24-0 loss at home to the St. Louis Rams in which they gained just 206 total yards.

Washington has now lost its last five games, and there is a lot of buzz circulating about possible dissension between coaches and players.

But head coach Jay Grudenwhose job could be in jeopardyis apparently more interested in laying down the law and micromanaging what players are doing during meetings.

It’s almost as if the Redskins players are back in high school, and Gruden is the teacher leading the class. But instead of “Stop passing notes unless you want the entire class to read them!”, it’s “Stop tweeting!”.

Gruden is obviously trying to retain control of his team before things spiral out of control. And he wants the world to knowbeing that he informed the media of this decision. It’s highly unlikely that Gruden is the first head coach to instill a rule such as this one, but he is the first to publicly say it. Most teams would prefer to keep the public out of it and would just keep this in-house.

And given the current state of the team, doesn’t the coaching staff have more pressing needs to focus on?

It’ll be interesting to see how the players respond. Will any of them take to social media to weigh in about it?

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