Kelly Hall rips newspaper over Matt Stafford article

Kelly Hall, Matt Stafford’s fiancée, will do whatever it takes to defend her man. So when a Detroit Sun Times writer called out the Lions quarterback in a recent article, she made sure to respond.

Hall and Stafford flew to Syracuse to watch Michigan State take on Oklahoma in the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Stafford attended the University of Georgia, but since they were knocked out in the tourney’s round of 64, he went to cheer on a team from the state he currently calls home.

Yet for some reason, he was ripped by a Detroit Sun Times writerKyle Thelefor not cheering hard enough. The article specifically mentioned Stafford’s lack of clapping and compared him to Aaron Rodgerswho enthusiastically supported Wisconsin in the tournament with girlfriend Olivia Munnand played off the “Rodgers is more passionate than Stafford” narrative, which is a bit ridiculous.

Hall was not happy about it, and she took to Instagram to weigh in about the article.


Hall and Stafford also attended the Michigan State-Louisville game on Sunday. The two looked to be having a good time, so hopefully their excitement level was enough to satisfy Thele.

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Hall was well within her right to respond. Ripping a team’s quarterback for not clapping during a college basketball game is a bit absurd.

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